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Traditional climbing.

Climber fixes their own protection.
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There are currently 166 Trad crags recorded on this wiki.

 Main AreaSub AreaRad RestrictionLat/Long
Anemone WallGowerShire Combe to Southgate51.565471, -4.101229
Bantam BayGowerHeatherslade to Pwll Du
Below East Gully GrooveGowerThurba to Overton51.550047, -4.256228
Black Hole CragGowerThurba to Overton51.544282, -4.241060
Blackhole GutGowerThurba to Overton51.547641, -4.248656
Block ButtressGowerRhossili51.561053, -4.282313
Blue Pool AreaGowerNorth Gower51.612197, -4.305514
Boiler SlabGowerThurba to Overton51.542704, -4.236298
Burry HolmsGowerNorth Gower51.608717, -4.312907
Caswell BayGowerCaswell Bay to Mumbles51.568715, -4.036611
Catacomb GullyGowerRhossili51.561289, -4.281652
Cathedral WallGowerRhossili51.561308, -4.284839
Cathole CaveGowerThree Cliffs and Pobbles51.5898992, -4.1123902
Conglomerate CliffGowerRhossili51.561987, -4.285913
Conservative Club CragGowerCaswell Bay to Mumbles51.57206, -3.9906
Crab Island CragGowerCaswell Bay to Mumbles51.56463, -3.99835
Culver HoleGowerThurba to Overton51.53930, -4.21423
Cwm Ivy TorGowerNorth Gower51.623789, -4.261869
Deep CutGowerTor Bay and Great Tor
Devil's CwmGowerThurba to Overton51.547428, -4.249505
Devil's Truck AreaGowerRhossili51.561633, -4.287369
Engine Room SlabGowerThurba to Overton51.542514, -4.235688
Eos ZawnGowerThurba to Overton51.549400, -4.252918
Evening WallGowerRhossili51.565597, -4.303813
Eyeball WallGowerRhossili51.561847, -4.285751
First CornerGowerTor Bay and Great Tor51.570235, -4.119228
Four GulliesGowerRhossili51.560991, -4.281283
Giant's CaveGowerRhossili51.561734, -4.288136
Graves End EastGowerHeatherslade to Pwll Du51.558122, -4.063884
Graves End Sea CliffGowerHeatherslade to Pwll Du
Graves End WallGowerHeatherslade to Pwll Du51.558370, -4.065578
Great Tor ProperGowerTor Bay and Great Tor, -4.122941
Grey WallGowerRhossili51.561926, -4.279876
Hairy Dog WallGowerRhossili51.561863, -4.286577
Heatherslade BayGowerHeatherslade to Pwll Du51.564105, -4.088588
High PennardGowerHeatherslade to Pwll Du51.558755, -4.066858
High SlabGowerTor Bay and Great Tor51.570572, -4.119365
Hollow TopGowerThurba to Overton51.549568, -4.252035
Holys Wash ButtressGowerOxwich51.546538, -4.168107
Horses CliffGowerThurba to Overton51.548562, -4.250826
Jacky's TorGowerRhossili51.561250, -4.285503
Juniper WallGowerThurba to Overton51.549429, -4.253615
Keel ButtressGowerRhossili51.566325, -4.302128
King WallGowerRhossili51.561742, -4.289088
Kitchen CornerGowerRhossili51.563678, -4.306523
Lewes CastleGowerRhossili, -4.289296
Liberty ZawnGowerThurba to Overton51.549813, -4.255530
Little BlockGowerRhossili
Little TorGowerTor Bay and Great Tor51.569370, -4.127980
Longhole Cave ButtressGowerThurba to Overton51.543001, -4.234897
Longhole CliffGowerThurba to Overton51.542067, -4.230999
Marble ArchGowerHeatherslade to Pwll Du51.562060, -4.084331
Molar Wall and White EdgeGowerRhossili51.561316, -4.283165
Monty's SlabGowerTor Bay and Great Tor51.570162, -4.119346
Mumbles Light House CaveGowerCaswell Bay to Mumbles51.566530, -3.971130
North Hill TorGowerNorth Gower, -4.236871
Odin's WallGowerTor Bay and Great Tor51.5689669, -4.1217401
Overton CliffGowerThurba to Overton51.5418940, -4.2287817
Oxwich PointGowerOxwich51.543053, -4.156058
Paviland Far Far Far WestGowerThurba to Overton51.550288, -4.258116
Paviland Main CliffGowerThurba to Overton, -4.255659
Paviland Way Out WestGowerThurba to Overton51.550892, -4.258066
Pennard ButtressGowerHeatherslade to Pwll Du51.559764, -4.068604
Pennard Lower Sea CliffsGowerHeatherslade to Pwll Du
Platform AreaGowerRhossili51.56528, -4.30439
Pobbles BaysGowerThree Cliffs and Pobbles51.569777, -4.109186
Poser ButtressGowerRhossili51.5641417, -4.3056499
Prissen's TorGowerNorth Gower51.619862, -4.275357
Quartz CornerGowerHeatherslade to Pwll Du51.561697, -4.077738
Ramp ZawnGowerTor Bay and Great Tor51.570307, -4.117544
Ravens Cliff GullyGowerShire Combe to Southgate51.565561, -4.098614
Red ChamberGowerThurba to Overton51.557349, -4.271506
Rolly Bottom ButtressGowerRhossili51.561792, -4.284171
Seaspit Small CoveGowerThurba to Overton51.553422, -4.259691
Second Corner and South WallGowerTor Bay and Great Tor51.569805, -4.119753
Shallow CutGowerTor Bay and Great Tor
Sheepbone WallGowerRhossili51.567190, -4.300633
Shire Combe ButtressGowerShire Combe to Southgate51.565584, -4.102537
Silent Fright ButtressGowerRhossili51.565188, -4.303595
Sinister Sister ZawnGowerRhossili51.566464, -4.301587
Stallion CoveGowerThurba to Overton51.551088, -4.258683
Tears PointGowerRhossili51.559840, -4.296507
Terrace WallGowerRhossili
The AisleGowerRhossili
The Crag That Time ForgotGowerThurba to Overton51.557328, -4.265923
The Great TowerGowerHeatherslade to Pwll Du51.558276, -4.066419
The HoleGowerThurba to Overton51.551322, -4.259650
The KnaveGowerThurba to Overton51.552871, -4.263013
The ProwsGowerRhossili
The PulpitGowerThurba to Overton
Three CliffsGowerThree Cliffs and Pobbles51.569941, -4.11139
Thurba EastGowerThurba to Overton51.558083, -4.274400
Thurba East GullyGowerThurba to Overton51.557709, -4.272306
Thurba HeadGowerThurba to Overton, -4.279271
Thurba WestGowerThurba to Overton51.560998, -4.278393
Tor GroGowerNorth Gower51.621189, -4.227353
Trident Gully and RidgeGowerRhossili51.561135, -4.281924
Upper Blackhole CragGowerThurba to Overton51.544457, -4.241541
Upper Jacky's TorGowerRhossili51.561781, -4.284720
West Promontory CornerGowerShire Combe to Southgate51.565272, -4.095296
West TorGowerTor Bay and Great Tor51.570017, -4.129828
White CoveGowerShire Combe to Southgate51.565481, -4.100271
White EdgeGowerShire Combe to Southgate51.565675, -4.097373
White PillarGowerThurba to Overton51.546657, -4.247710
Whiteshell PointGowerHeatherslade to Pwll Du
Yellow ButtressGowerThurba to Overton51.547746, -4.249204
Yellow WallGowerRhossili, -4.286106
Yellow ZawnGowerRhossili
Zero GullyGowerRhossili
Clogau MawrInland Limestone51.857187, -3.851872
Craig Y CastellInland LimestoneLlangattock51.842509, -3.187568
Craig Y Castell Western ExtensionInland LimestoneLlangattock51.842784, -3.2052583
Craig y NosInland Limestone51.820991, -3.682372
Eastern EdgeInland LimestoneLlangattock51.83007904845879, -3.15176946
Far Eastern EdgeInland LimestoneLlangattock
Fernlea Slabs - RiscaInland Limestone51.61751, -3.10248
Herberts Quarry (Black Mountain)Inland Limestone51.854417, -3.835990
LlangattockInland Limestone51.832463, -3.1583333
Llangynidr QuarryInland LimestoneLlangattock51.8432143, -3.2251105
Morlais QuarriesInland Limestone51.778883, -3.382083
Taf FechanInland Limestone51.784887, -3.360876
The Lonely ShepherdInland LimestoneLlangattock51.82264082, -3.1343896
TrefilInland Limestone51.825688, -3.311231
Twynau Gwynion QuarriesInland Limestone51.78468, -3.358695
Wenvoe QuarryInland Limestone51.459783, -3.2550323
Abercynon High ButtressSandstoneSandstone Central Valleys51.654376, -3.326472
CefnpennarSandstoneSandstone Central Valleys51.702420, -3.399990
Cilfrew Main CragSandstoneSandstone Far Western Valleys51.682792 -3.7866968
Cilfrew Outlying AreasSandstoneSandstone Far Western Valleys51.681700, -3.7878626
Cilfrew Ravens CliffSandstoneSandstone Far Western Valleys, -3.7863256
Craig AlltachamSandstoneSandstone Far Western Valleys
Craig Tyle-CamSandstoneSandstone Far Western Valleys51.696601, -3.609588
Cwm-Parc StreetSandstoneSandstone Western Valleys
CwmafanSandstoneSandstone Far Western Valleys51.602904, -3.779051707
Cwmaman WestSandstoneSandstone Western Valleys51.681924, -3.4467351
Edmonston Quarry and EdgeSandstoneSandstone Western Valleys51.604945, -3.4327769
GelliSandstoneSandstone Western Valleys51.640823,-3.4725460
Golf Club CragSandstoneSandstone Central Valleys51.607539, -3.324675
Graig FawrSandstoneSandstone Far Western Valleys51.566960, -3.734944
Inn CragSandstoneSandstone Far Western Valleys51.692652, -3.741261
Llantrisant Drugs CliffSandstoneSandstone Western Valleys51.542323, -3.383063
Mountain Ash Natural ButtressSandstoneSandstone Central Valleys51.677728, -3.3644959
PenalltaSandstoneSandstone Central Valleys51.645867, -3.246825
Penrhiwceiber QuarrySandstoneSandstone Central Valleys51.670347, -3.3691683
Punk RocksSandstoneSandstone Western Valleys51.608452, -3.4174748
TroedyrhiwSandstoneSandstone Central Valleys51.707666,-3.337441
YnysboethSandstoneSandstone Central Valleys51.659750, -3.336697
Ynysybwl Lady Windsor QuarrySandstoneSandstone Central Valleys51.639661, -3.358257
Ynysybwl Upper QuarrySandstoneSandstone Central Valleys51.640394, -3.3514867
Box BaySouth CoastPorthcawl51.48412, -3.72272
Bute Street ButtressSouth CoastOgmore
Davy Jones' Locker and the Sea CavesSouth CoastOgmore51.4514745, -3.6177795
Dirty Harry WallsSouth CoastOgmore51.450875, -3.615872
Elephant WallSouth CoastOgmore51.453131, -3.621320
Fools Fantasy AreaSouth CoastOgmore51.453443, -3.622311
Mitzy WallSouth CoastOgmore51.450330, -3.614387
Ogmore Popular EndSouth CoastOgmore51.453234, -3.622041
Phaser WallSouth CoastOgmore51.4511359, -3.6172964
Right Hand WallSouth CoastOgmore51.4499155, -3.6143329
Scutch ButtressSouth CoastOgmore
The BiscuitSouth CoastOgmore51.4523136, -3.6186752
The Castle AreaSouth CoastOgmore51.4525004, -3.6197838
The Western CragSouth CoastOgmore51.453745, -3.622776
Tiger BaySouth CoastOgmore51.452824, -3.620625
Tusker Chimney AreaSouth CoastOgmore51.452948, -3.621156
Twinkle ButtressSouth CoastOgmore51.4535262, -3.6225426