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Welcome to the Bouldering section.

Please don't expect a detailed synopsis of all the bouldering that's been done in South Wales, there is loads of it and people have been going out bouldering here before the word was even invented. The aim is to give some good suggestions and well known problems

Listing by Location

Bouldering in Carmarthenshire

Bouldering in Pembrokeshire

Bouldering in Gower

Bouldering in Bridgend area

Bouldering on Inland Limestone

Bouldering on South East Wales Sandstone

Bouldering & Buildering in Cardiff

South Wales Indoor Wall Listing

Childrens Bouldering

There is also a very comprehensive site called swbouldering with topos. There is a huge range of venues in South Wales, so few suggestions are given below

For Circuits

For lots of VB-V3ish problems in close proximity to each other for font style circuits the following venues are good.



Pwll Du East

Nick Goile on Oyster - Font.6c at the Trench

For Harder Problems

If you find that most boulder problems are too generous with holds or not steep enough for your tastes, you may wish to visit the below

The Trench - slopertastic. has been described as grit without the friction

Kennelgarth Wall - a popular evening venue for locals

Equal Opportunities Wall - steep and crimpy

also worth checking out are Hardy's Bay and Deborahs Bouldering plus there are a number of quality trickier problems at venues like Pennard, Caswell and Sewerpipe

For Traverses

Only time for a quick stamina session, training for that big trip or maybe you just have a sideways fetish? Try these

Pennard Upper Cliffs

Kennelgarth Wall

Hitting the Beach

If you fancy a chilled out boulder on a quality beach go for


Russian Zawn

Fall Bay

Bouldering Grades:

Please write on your guide which font or V grade you think a problem is worth. You can even make a committee decision the pub afterwards if you like, but in this guide we don't want to give you too much information on how hard we think a problem is: a) because we want you to have a go at them all! b) because we don't know how to grade the problems anyway. That said we are slowly giving out V grades for the better problems when there is a consensus

For a number of venues, particularly the ones good for circuits, the following colour coded grading system has been used: As a little clue you might like to look at the colours of the lines on the topos thinking 'this is a piste'!.

Topo Standards - Bouldering
Grade Line Representation HTML Colour
Beginner/Children Green 00b300
<= V0 Dark blue 063df1
V1-V2 Red f1061c
V3+ Black/White 000000

(Please also note that the lines drawn on photos generally represent where to put your hands!)