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A climbing guidebook is never going to be free from minor errors, and South Wales Rock is no exception. At least we can point them out here as we come across them.

Front Cover. Route is Shooting Stars at Cilfrew, Al Rosier climbing, Carl Ryan photographer.

P.26/27. Photo of Simon Rawlinson, not by Alan Rosier. Probably by Liz Collier.

P.36. Route 21. The Quiet Earth. F.A. Robin McAllister 2020.

P.37. Photo is of James Westwood not 'Marshall'.

P.57. Topo line 7, of Tempest is too far left, see photo on page 59.

Page 75. Photo James Taylor is on Flock Ewe not Lambs to Slaughter.

Page 76. Photo Cerith M. is on Lambs To Slaughter not Flock Ewe.

P.133. Route numbering at 27 Stray Bullet incorrect, this follows the rightward branch from 26 Sugar Bullets. Line 27 is Scram. Line 28 and 29 are New Day Today and Rancho La Cha Cha Cha respectively. Line 30 is Ulrika ka ka ka.

P140 & 145. Rock type is Limestone (not sandstone).

P.171. Photo of Propaganda is Anniversary Walk or The Forgotten Route.

P.204. Photo Roy Thomas is on Cwm By Ere, 6c not Cwm Sluts.

P.225. Photo of Dub War by Alan Rosier.

P.298. Grid reference for Sully Island should be ST 166 670