Little Block

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Little Block
Cragshot little block.jpg
Rock Type Natural Carboniferous Limestone
Climbing Style Trad
Approach Time 20 minutes
Area Gower
Sub Area Rhossili
Local Area Fall Bay to Mewslade
WGS-84 Location 51.562028, -4.286222
OS Grid Ref. SS 416 872
WGS-84 Parking Location
GR Parking Location
Base Elevation 0 metres (Other)
General Info
Faces Direction South East
Aspect Sunny
Wind Sheltered Never
Climbing Type Normal
Seepage Never
Before/After Low Tide 2.0 hours (See Note)
Crags Within 400m

Block Buttress, Catacomb Gully, Cathedral Wall, Conglomerate Cliff, Devil's Truck Area, Eyeball Wall, Four Gullies, Giant's Cave, Hairy Dog Wall, Jacky's Tor, King Wall, Lewes Castle, Little Block, Molar Wall and White Edge, Rolly Bottom Buttress, The Aisle, The Prows, The Pulpit, Trident Gully and Ridge, Upper Jacky's Tor, Yellow Wall, Zero Gully


2 hours either side of low water.


No bolting.


This is the buttress between Hairy Dog Wall and Yellow Wall


Traverse down and right (west) from the footpath across broken rock (behind which is High Chimney Gully) to gain Great Boulder Cove.


Descent from Little Block is by scrambling down the groove to the right.


  1. West Edge 12m HS,4a
    Climb the left arête of the south (seaward) face.

  2. Centre Crack 12m D
    The left side of the seaward face.

  3. South Wall 12m D
    The centre of the seaward face, above a spike.

  4. Red Corner 10m D
    The red diedre to the right.

  5. Centre Corner 10m D *
    The prominent groove in the centre of the east face.

  6. Wall Climb 10m HD
    The groove right again.

  7. Overhang Crack 10m D
    A vague loose groove to the right of the arête.

First Ascents

  1. J.Talbot 00.00.1964
  2. J.Talbot 00.00.1964
  3. J.Talbot 00.00.1964
  4. J.Talbot 00.00.1964
  5. J.Talbot 00.00.1964
  6. J.Talbot 00.00.1964
  7. J.Talbot 00.00.1964