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Dries quickly after even prolonged rain.

Most of the crag will be dry from 2-3 hours to 2 days. If a sea cliff then it will probably hours rather than days.

There may still be small isolated patches of damp after this time.

There are 126 Quick drying seepage crags recorded on this wiki.

 Has crag nameMain AreaHas Rad restriction URLLat/Long
Abbey ButtressAbbey ButtressSandstone51.584990, -3.763139
Anemone WallAnemone WallGower51.565471, -4.101229
Apple Tree ButtressApple Tree ButtressSandstone51.611305, -3.763952
BargoedBargoedSandstone51.696600, -3.228714
Barland QuarryBarland QuarryGower, -4.0580303
Below East Gully GrooveBelow East Gully GrooveGower51.550047, -4.256228
Black ButtressBlack ButtressGower51.565474, -4.302656
Black Hole CragBlack Hole CragGower51.544282, -4.241060
Black WallBlack WallGower51.569264, -4.294105
Blackhole GutBlackhole GutGower51.547641, -4.248656
Blaen Bran QuarryBlaen Bran QuarrySandstone51.666830, -3.0645365
BlaengwynfiBlaengwynfiSandstone51.657644, -3.598834
BlaenllechauBlaenllechauSandstone51.661308, -3.4409201
Boiler SlabBoiler SlabGower51.542704, -4.236298
Box BayBox BaySouth Coast51.48412, -3.72272
Burry HolmsBurry HolmsGower51.608717, -4.312907
Calcite BayCalcite BayGower51.564993, -4.304148
Carbon SlabCarbon SlabGower51.563995, -4.305359
Castle Upon AlunCastle Upon AlunInland Limestone51.466967, -3.571838
Caswell BayCaswell BayGower51.568715, -4.036611
Catacomb GullyCatacomb GullyGower51.561289, -4.281652
Cathedral WallCathedral WallGower51.561308, -4.284839
Cathole CaveCathole CaveGower51.5898992, -4.1123902
Cave InletCave InletSouth Coast51.441406, -3.6040641
Cilfrew Main CragCilfrew Main CragSandstone51.682792 -3.7866968
Cilfrew Ravens CliffCilfrew Ravens CliffSandstone, -3.7863256
Conglomerate CliffConglomerate CliffGower51.561987, -4.285913
Costa del MajorCosta del MajorSouth Coast51.393078, -3.480009
Crab Island CragCrab Island CragGower51.56463, -3.99835
Crag PCrag PGower
Culver HoleCulver HoleGower51.53930, -4.21423
Cwm CapelCwm CapelSandstone51.695810, -4.2429346
Cwm Ivy TorCwm Ivy TorGower51.623789, -4.261869
Darren FawrDarren FawrInland Limestone51.78095, -3.4201791
Devil's CwmDevil's CwmGower51.547428, -4.249505
Elephant WallElephant WallSouth Coast51.453131, -3.621320
Engine Room SlabEngine Room SlabGower51.542514, -4.235688
Eyeball WallEyeball WallGower51.561847, -4.285751
Fat Lady WallFat Lady WallGower51.564042, -4.304955
Ferndale Lower QuarryFerndale Lower QuarrySandstone51.666043, -3.4557306
Ferndale MainFerndale MainSandstone51.662003, -3.455565
Fetlock ZawnFetlock ZawnGower51.548528, -4.250472
First CornerFirst CornerGower51.570235, -4.119228
First SisterFirst SisterGower51.555300, -4.265838
Four GulliesFour GulliesGower51.560991, -4.281283
GelliwastadGelliwastadSandstone51.695131, -3.914317
Giant's CaveGiant's CaveGower51.561734, -4.288136
Golden WallGolden WallGower51.562057, -4.080948
Graves End EastGraves End EastGower51.558122, -4.063884
Graves End WallGraves End WallGower51.558370, -4.065578
Great Tor ProperGreat Tor ProperGower, -4.122941
Grey WallGrey WallGower51.561926, -4.279876
Hairy Dog WallHairy Dog WallGower51.561863, -4.286577
High PennardHigh PennardGower51.558755, -4.066858
High SlabHigh SlabGower51.570572, -4.119365
Hollow TopHollow TopGower51.549568, -4.252035
Holys Wash ButtressHolys Wash ButtressGower51.546538, -4.168107
Horses CliffHorses CliffGower51.548562, -4.250826
Jacky's TorJacky's TorGower51.561250, -4.285503
Juniper WallJuniper WallGower51.549429, -4.253615
King WallKing WallGower51.561742, -4.289088
Lewes CastleLewes CastleGower, -4.289296
Lifebuoy ButtressLifebuoy ButtressGower51.566113, -4.301817
LlandarcyLlandarcySandstone, -3.8581428
Longhole Cave ButtressLonghole Cave ButtressGower51.543001, -4.234897
Minchen HoleMinchen HoleGower, -4.085623
Morlais QuarriesMorlais QuarriesInland Limestone51.778883, -3.382083
Mount PleasantMount PleasantSandstone, -3.326186
Mountain AshMountain AshSandstone51.677583, -3.364094
Mountain Ash Natural ButtressMountain Ash Natural ButtressSandstone51.677728, -3.3644959
Navigation Quarry - CilfynyddNavigation Quarry - CilfynyddSandstone, -3.320671
Ogmore Popular EndOgmore Popular EndSouth Coast51.453234, -3.622041
Overton CliffOverton CliffGower51.5418940, -4.2287817
Oxwich PointOxwich PointGower51.543053, -4.156058
Oxwich QuarryOxwich QuarryGower, -4.149905
Paviland Far Far Far WestPaviland Far Far Far WestGower51.550288, -4.258116
Paviland Far WestPaviland Far WestGower51.550372, -4.2566854
Paviland Main CliffPaviland Main CliffGower, -4.255659
Paviland Way Out WestPaviland Way Out WestGower51.550892, -4.258066
Pennard ButtressPennard ButtressGower51.559764, -4.068604
Platform AreaPlatform AreaGower51.56528, -4.30439
Playtime WallPlaytime WallSouth Coast51.441493, -3.60347
Pobbles QuarriesPobbles QuarriesGower51.567037, -4.102638
Port Eynon CavePort Eynon CaveGower51.537225, -4.210449
Poser ButtressPoser ButtressGower51.5641417, -4.3056499
Prissen's TorPrissen's TorGower51.619862, -4.275357
Punk RocksPunk RocksSandstone51.608452, -3.4174748
Rams Grove Seaward CragRams Grove Seaward CragGower51.556076, -4.267799
Rams TorRams TorGower51.563556, -3.993518
RidgewayRidgewaySandstone51.629326, -3.2015920
Saddam's WallSaddam's WallGower51.557763, -4.264955
Seamen WallSeamen WallGower51.569174, -4.296596
Seaspit Small CoveSeaspit Small CoveGower51.553422, -4.259691
Second InletSecond InletSouth Coast51.441395, -3.604864
Second SisterSecond SisterGower51.555061, -4.265686
Secret Taffs WellSecret Taffs WellInland Limestone51.538584, -3.2598406
Sheepbone WallSheepbone WallGower51.567190, -4.300633
Silent Fright ButtressSilent Fright ButtressGower51.565188, -4.303595
Silent WallsSilent WallsGower51.565321, -4.303461
Sister 2 and HalfSister 2 and HalfGower51.554436, -4.264437
Space MountainSpace MountainSandstone, -3.5707
Swffryd Wood QuarrySwffryd Wood QuarrySandstone51.68403,-3.12314
Telpyn Point - AmrothTelpyn Point - AmrothCarmarthenshire, -4.629388
The DarrenThe DarrenSandstone51.6115613, -3.344559
The KnaveThe KnaveGower51.552871, -4.263013
The Long WallThe Long WallSouth Coast51.4414281, -3.6037531
Third SisterThird SisterGower51.554057, -4.263057
Three CliffsThree CliffsGower51.569941, -4.11139
Thurba HeadThurba HeadGower, -4.279271
TirpentwysTirpentwysSandstone51.693790, -3.090722
Tooth FairyTooth FairyGower51.553687, -4.262429
Treherbert QuarryTreherbert QuarrySandstone51.667596, -3.538399
Trial WallTrial WallGower, -4.300424
Trident Gully and RidgeTrident Gully and RidgeGower51.561135, -4.281924
Upper Blackhole CragUpper Blackhole CragGower51.544457, -4.241541
Watch House EastWatch House EastGower51.565539, -4.094245
Watch House SlabWatch House SlabGower51.565784, -4.096438
Wedge WallWedge WallGower51.566653, -4.300759
White PillarWhite PillarGower51.546657, -4.247710
Windy ButtressWindy ButtressGower51.564384, -4.304897
Witches TipWitches TipSouth Coast51.441733,-3.606431
Yellow ButtressYellow ButtressGower51.547746, -4.249204
Yellow WallYellow WallGower, -4.286106
YnysboethYnysboethSandstone51.659750, -3.336697
Zero GullyZero GullyGower