Calcite Bay

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Calcite Bay
Calcite bay.jpg
Rock Type Quarried Carboniferous Limestone
Climbing Style Sport
Approach Time 25 minutes
Area Gower
Sub Area Rhossili
Local Area Rhossili Upper Crags
WGS-84 Location 51.564993, -4.304148
OS Grid Ref. SS 403 876
WGS-84 Parking Location 51.569301, -4.28840
GR Parking Location SS 415 880
Parking Postcode SA3 1PP
Base Elevation 10 metres (Other)
General Info
Faces Direction North West
Aspect Partially Sunny
Wind Sheltered Seldomly
Climbing Type Normal
Seepage Quick drying
Crags Within 400m

Black Buttress, Calcite Bay, Carbon Slab, Evening Wall, Fat Lady Wall, Keel Buttress, Kitchen Corner, Lifebuoy Buttress, Platform Area, Poser Buttress, Retribution Wall, Sheepbone Wall, Silent Fright Buttress, Silent Walls, Sinister Sister Zawn, Sinners Walls, Trial Wall, Wedge Wall, Windy Buttress

Tidal Status


Bolting Policy

Bolting permitted retro bla bla. Access the upper walls right of bl ba ba.


Loose Rock! You should note that this is Gower and these are new routes. Whilst there has clearly been efforts made to clean the routes, there is bound to be loose rock for some time yet. Loose rock, when dislodged from either the crag face or from the foot of the crag, may fall and injure others. Climbers are asked to be considerate of other groups and individuals in the vicinity, e.g. coasteerers, fisherman, beachgoers, etc., and be exceedingly careful when climbing above others. Please Take Care!




The Routes

Calcite Bay Left

Bolting permitted retro bla bla. Access the upper walls right of bl ba ba.

The impressive wall right of Audience of Sheep'

  1. Mutton Geoff - Fr. 6b+ *
    Tricky on the upper wall.

  2. Lambs to the slaughter - Fr. 7a
    Heel lock is the key.

    Down to the right and beside the track leading to the Calcite Wall are two very short routes

  3. Minnie Me - Fr. 4+

  4. Minnie You - Fr. 5

Calcite Bay Right

A short rectangular wall of crystalline calcite and a right retaining wall provide some sheltered entertainment

  1. Calcitron - Fr. 5
    Ledgy start to a short steeper headwall.

  2. Calcite Crunch - Fr. 6b+
    Steep pulls leading to a harder exit.

  3. Calcite Punch - Fr. 6b+
    Right hand start to previous.

  4. Crinoid Crimper - Fr. 5+
    Wall L of flake.

  5. Just 2 Mohs - Fr. 4
    Flake, step L to share belay.

  6. Low on The Hardness Scale - Fr. 4+
    Wall left of orange rubble.

On the right retaining wall are 3 routes

  1. Calcite Crack'n Up - Fr. 6a+
    Wall just R of thin crack

  2. Drill your Own - Fr. 6b
    R again to seperate L.O.

  3. Calcitaclone - Fr. 6b
    last route to shared belay.

First Ascents

Calcite Bay Left

  1. Mutton Geoff - Gary Gibson & Roy Thomas 2017
  2. Lambs to the slaughter - Gary Gibson & Roy Thomas 2017
  3. Minnie Me - Gary Gibson & Roy Thomas 2017
  4. Minnie You - Gary Gibson & Roy Thomas 2017

Calcite Bay Right

  1. Calcitron - Roy Thomas & Gary Gibson July 2017
  2. Calcite Crunch - Roy Thomas & Gary Gibson
  3. Calcite Punch - Roy Thomas & Gary Gibson
  4. Crinoid Crimper - Roy Thomas & Gary Gibson
  5. Just 2 Mohs - Roy Thomas & Gary Gibson
  6. Low on The Hardness Scale - Roy Thomas & Gary Gibson July 2017
  1. Calcite Crack'n Up - Gary Gibson & Roy Thomas
  2. Drill your Own - Gary Gibson & Roy Thomas
  3. Calcitaclone - Gary Gibson & Roy Thomas July 2017