Cave Inlet

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Cave Inlet
Al Rosier on the roof finish of Raft of the Medusa Fr. 6c+ *
Al Rosier on the roof finish of Raft of the Medusa Fr. 6c+ *
Rock Type Natural Carboniferous Limestone
Climbing Style Sport
Approach Time 20 minutes
Area South Coast
Sub Area Temple Bay Inlets
WGS-84 Location 51.441406, -3.6040641
OS Grid Ref. SS 886 726
WGS-84 Parking Location 51.446124, -3.6053771
GR Parking Location SS 885 731
Parking Postcode CF32 0RT
Base Elevation 0 metres (Other)
General Info
Faces Direction South
Aspect Sunny
Wind Sheltered Mostly
Climbing Type Normal
Midge Problem Never
Seepage Quick drying
Before/After Low Tide 4.0 hours (See Note)
Crags Within 2.0 km

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Clearly visible from the Dunraven / Southerndown beach carpark. When tides permit walk/ scamper left across the beach. When tides do not permit it's possible to pass over the stile from the lower carpark and walk above the cliff tops to descend sketchily steep grass below Tufa Terrace. Not recommended if you are not familiar with the crag so best to wait until all you risk is wet feet from an ebbing tide. Continue around the corner east (right) to a small patch of sand and a taller section with a pillar and cave up and right.


  1. Jericho - E3, 5c
    A deep water solo. Climb across from the fishermans ledge near the old sign board then up to a rubbly exit. 15m.

  2. Debasement of Jericho - VS, 4b
    Could be a handy no water start to the previous or a solo in it's own right. The shorter of the two chimneys on the left. 5m.

  3. The Barnacle Bill - Fr. 6b
    Short steep prow, take barnacled arête direct then exit on left to Fisher persons ledge and long sling belay over top. 6m

  4. Canaan Grunts - HVS, 4c
    The barnacled chimney starting from the sand. Grind your way up to the ledge. 10m

  5. Hundred Years Of Reflection - Fr. 6b+ **
    Reach the first holds swing up then stiff barnacle rasping gains a contorted rest, heartbreaker mantle onto the ledge joined by Zaccheus Repents. 14m.

  6. Dolce Et Decorum Est - Fr. 6b+ **
    Swing in from the right, over the roof to join previous, then straight up to new chain belay. 14m

  7. Zacchaeus Repents - Fr. 6b+ *
    The crinkly prow breaking out early from next route. 14m

  8. Chargeable Event - Fr. 6a *
    The barnacled scoop and corner to shared belay above ledge. 14m.

  9. Lips off your Shofarot - Fr. 6a * Just to the right a barnacled wall leads to bridging up the slabby groove (purple thread). 15m.

    At a higher level is the other cave which gives a little more time if climbing on an incoming tide. Best approached from the east via the "walled garden" approach if the tide has not cleared Witches Tip. There are no lower offs at present as it is assumed the sensible will use the routes to exit the area. Good belay on the ledge at the top of the crag, long slings could be arranged for lower offs. Due to theft of the bolt hangers off the platform bring your own spanner, or easier, a couple of pulled through wires, to hook the bolts. There are sufficient glue-ins to construct a belay if this proves too taxing.

  10. Lane Discipline - Fr. 6a *
    The groove, can be started from sea level, or at higher tides step easily across from the cave ledge. 14m. LO.

  11. Hogging The Mid Lane - Fr. 6b *
    Start just left of the cave passing a twizzle. Steep jug hauling leads to a long stretch and L.O. just below the ledge. 15m.

  12. Life In The Slow Lane - Fr. 6b+ *
    Swing on up the left arête of the cave. Lower off can be arranged first or pull over easily. 15m.

  13. (Project)
    The roof, some bolts yet to be placed.

  14. Quiet Flows The Jordan - Fr. 5
    The blocky right side of the cave, swing on up to good belay at the top. 10m

  15. Sultan's Spring - Fr. 5+
    A tricky bounce to start then jugs to the top. 10m

  16. Blowing The Ram's Horn - VS, 4c
    The faint book corner to the right. 9m

    Back down at sea level there is more

  17. Climb A Sycamore Tree - HVS, 5a
    Easy scrambling leads to the hanging arête then step up the ledges to usual belay. 12m.

  18. Tumbledown - HS, 4b
    As previous, then follow the ramp rightwards. 12m

    Right again and at a higher level above the sand is another long cave; in the cave are:-

  19. Consequentialist Perfectionism - HVS, 5a
    Short and sharp excursion, pull over the L side of the prow then proceed up stepped ledges to the terrace belay. 9m.

  20. Converted Traditionalist - Fr. 5+
    Jug hauling to stepped ledges R of the Prow,big sling protects step off ledge.

    Cave Inlets

  21. Perverted Exhibitionist - Fr. 6a *
    Short jugglier than thou roofs.

  22. Nietzche's Niche - Fr. 5+ *
    Jug hauling over the "fangs", 2 bolt wonder. L.O. at first wide ledge. 9m.

  23. Inverted Mentalist - Fr. 6b+ *
    More jugs. Direct through the widest part of the horizontal roof. L.O. Shared with Reverted Revisionalist. 9 m.

  24. Reverted Revisionist - Fr. 6a+ *
    Even more excellent jug hauling on the wall left of the big roof. 9m.

  25. Raft of the Medusa - Fr. 6c+ *
    Rightward extension of Reverted Revisionist, across the rail in the horizontal roof. L.O. shared with Cannibal Calypso. 13 m.

  26. Cannibal Calypso - Fr. 7a *
    Right of Reverted Revisionist, bridge up the left side of the cave to a capacious ledge. Step right and straight up to the roof. From a horn at the back of the roof, break out left throught the horizontal roofs to reach the L.O. shared with Raft of the Medusa. 14 m.

  27. Swinging the Lead - Fr. 6c *
    Start up Cannibal Calypso to reach the horn at the back of the roof. From the horn, break out right to reach another jug and L.O. above. 12 m.

    To the right is a pillar separating the two caves which the following routes start up.

  28. Diverted Existentialist- Fr. 6a+
    A prickly excursion into the stepped caves and final roof.

  29. Cartesian Dualism - Fr. 5 *
    Just left of the prow of the wall. Move right over the bulge to the shared belay. 9m.

  30. Descarte's Dithers - Fr. 5+ *
    The steep prow shared belay. 9m.

  31. Archimedes Screws - Fr. 6a+ *
    It's a topsy turvy world (on big jugs) until you reach the seperate belay. 9m.

  32. The Burning Glass - Fr. 6b **
    More upside down antics. Not drawn on topo. 9m.

  33. Siege Of Syracuse - Fr. 6b **
    More of the same. The route of the crag (so far). 10m.

    Mikaela Toczek - Perverted Exhibitionist Fr. 5+

First Ascents

  1. Jericho - Martin Crocker
  2. Debasement of Jericho - R.Thomas 1986
  3. The Barnacle Bill - R.Thomas 1986
  4. Canaan Grunts - R.Thomas N.O'Neill 04.07.2014
  5. Hundred Years Of Reflection - R.Thomas R.Leyshan R.Phillips 2011
  6. Dolce Et Decorum Est - R.Thomas
  7. Zacchaeus Repents - R.Thomas Eugene Travers-Jones 08/03/2014
  8. Chargeable Event - R.Thomas R.Phillips R.Leyshon 26.04.2014
  9. Lips off your Shofarot - R.Thomas G.Ashmore 2012
  10. Lane Discipline - R.Thomas
  11. Hogging The Mid Lane - R.Thomas
  12. Life In The Slow Lane - R.Thomas
  13. (Project) - The roof, some bolts yet to be placed.
  14. Quiet Flows The Jordan - R.Thomas
  15. Sultan's Spring - R.Thomas
  16. Blowing The Ram's Horn - R.Thomas
  17. Climb A Sycamore Tree - R.Thomas
  18. Tumbledown - R.Thomas
  19. Consequentialist Perfectionism - R.Thomas
  20. Converted Traditionalist - Converted Traditionalist - R.Thomas, A.Rosier, M.Toczek - 26.11.2018
  21. Perverted Exhibitionist - Perverted Exhibitionist - R.Thomas, A.Rosier, M.Toczek - 26.11.2018
  22. Nietzche's Niche - R.Thomas
  23. Inverted Mentalist - Inverted Mentalist - A.Rosier, R.Thomas - 20.11.2018
  24. Reverted Revisionist - R.Thomas
  25. Raft of the Medusa - Raft of the Medusa - A.Rosier, R.Thomas, M. Toczek - 26.11.2018
  26. Cannibal Calypso - Cannibal Calypso - A.Rosier, R.Thomas, M.Toczek - 26.11.2018
  27. Swinging the Lead - Swinging the Lead - A.Rosier, R.Thomas - 22.11.2018
  28. Diverted Existentialis - Diverted Existentialist R.Thomas 2019
  29. Cartesian Dualism - R.Thomas
  30. Descarte's Dithers - R.Thomas
  31. Archimedes Screws - R.Thomas
  32. The Burning Glass - R.Thomas
  33. Siege Of Syracuse - R.Thomas