Rock Type/Quarried Carboniferous Limestone

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Identifies crags where a substantial majority of the rock is Quarried Carboniferous Limestone.
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There are 80 Quarried Carboniferous Limestone type crags recorded on this wiki

 Has crag nameMain AreaHas Rad restriction URLLat/Long
Morfa Bychan and PendineMorfa Bychan and PendineCarmarthenshire, -4.569089
BandcliffeBandcliffeCrag A..Z
Barland QuarryBarland QuarryGower, -4.0580303
Black ButtressBlack ButtressGower51.565474, -4.302656
Black Streak CragBlack Streak CragGower51.543546, -4.229663
Calcite BayCalcite BayGower51.564993, -4.304148
Carbon SlabCarbon SlabGower51.563995, -4.305359
Crawley Woods RocksCrawley Woods RocksGower51.570694, -4.1388014
Fat Lady WallFat Lady WallGower51.564042, -4.304955
Froglane Old QuarryFroglane Old QuarryGower51.619932, -4.245084
Holys Wash ButtressHolys Wash ButtressGower51.546538, -4.168107
Ilston QuarryIlston QuarryGower, -4.0883425
Lifebuoy ButtressLifebuoy ButtressGower51.566113, -4.301817
Mewslade Quarry SlabMewslade Quarry SlabGower51.564481, -4.274609
Mewslade Short WallMewslade Short WallGower51.562032, -4.278316
North Hill TorNorth Hill TorGower, -4.236871
Oxwich QuarryOxwich QuarryGower, -4.149905
Park Wood QuarryPark Wood QuarryGower51.588134, -4.111677
Pobbles QuarriesPobbles QuarriesGower51.567037, -4.102638
Pwll Du BayPwll Du BayGower51.562591, -4.059829
Rams Grove CragRams Grove CragGower51.556590, -4.267076
Rams Grove Seaward CragRams Grove Seaward CragGower51.556076, -4.267799
Retribution WallRetribution WallGower51.567155, -4.300356
Richards RockRichards RockGower51.563522, -4.276806
Rolly Bottom ButtressRolly Bottom ButtressGower51.561792, -4.284171
Saddam's WallSaddam's WallGower51.557763, -4.264955
Silent Fright ButtressSilent Fright ButtressGower51.565188, -4.303595
Silent WallsSilent WallsGower51.565321, -4.303461
Sinners WallsSinners WallsGower51.564559, -4.304656
Terrace WallTerrace WallGower
Thurba EastThurba EastGower51.558083, -4.274400
Tor GroTor GroGower51.621189, -4.227353
Trial WallTrial WallGower, -4.300424
Wedge WallWedge WallGower51.566653, -4.300759
Windy ButtressWindy ButtressGower51.564384, -4.304897
Baltic QuarryBaltic QuarryInland Limestone51.796196, -3.357142
Black SlabBlack SlabInland Limestone
Bridge CliffBridge CliffInland Limestone -3.4014836
Bridge Cliff (Dinas)Bridge Cliff (Dinas)Inland Limestone
Castle QuarryCastle QuarryInland Limestone51.535699, -3.255558
Castle Upon AlunCastle Upon AlunInland Limestone51.466967, -3.571838
Cefn Coed - EastCefn Coed - EastInland Limestone -3.3984702
Cefn Coed - WestCefn Coed - WestInland Limestone -3.4002147
Cheesy Rider AreaCheesy Rider AreaInland Limestone, -3.577147
Chwar MawrChwar MawrInland Limestone
Chwar Pant Y RhiwChwar Pant Y RhiwInland Limestone
Clogau MawrClogau MawrInland Limestone51.857187, -3.851872
Craig Agen AllweddCraig Agen AllweddInland Limestone
Craig Y CastellCraig Y CastellInland Limestone51.842509, -3.187568
Craig Y Castell Western ExtensionCraig Y Castell Western ExtensionInland Limestone51.842784, -3.2052583
Craig y NosCraig y NosInland Limestone51.820991, -3.682372
Cwm Leyshon QuarryCwm Leyshon QuarryInland Limestone51.574285, -3.139208
Dan-y-Darren QuarryDan-y-Darren QuarryInland Limestone51.772029, -3.414618
Darren FachDarren FachInland Limestone51.78454, -3.423564
Dinas - Cave AreaDinas - Cave AreaInland Limestone
Dinas - Main SlabDinas - Main SlabInland Limestone, -3.577719
Dyffryn CrawnonDyffryn CrawnonInland Limestone51.8260376,-3.3174958
Eastern EdgeEastern EdgeInland Limestone51.83007904845879, -3.15176946
Far Eastern EdgeFar Eastern EdgeInland Limestone
Fernlea Slabs - RiscaFernlea Slabs - RiscaInland Limestone51.61751, -3.10248
Gilwern EastGilwern EastInland Limestone51.803465, -3.0922611
Gilwern Hill - Crag XGilwern Hill - Crag XInland Limestone51.812906, -3.106964
Herberts Quarry (Black Mountain)Herberts Quarry (Black Mountain)Inland Limestone51.854417, -3.835990
Ifton QuarryIfton QuarryInland Limestone51.596172, -2.7799630
LlangattockLlangattockInland Limestone51.832463, -3.1583333
Llangynidr QuarryLlangynidr QuarryInland Limestone51.8432143, -3.2251105
Michaelston-le-pitMichaelston-le-pitInland Limestone
Morlais QuarriesMorlais QuarriesInland Limestone51.778883, -3.382083
Pant QuarryPant QuarryInland Limestone, -3.59449687
Secret Taffs WellSecret Taffs WellInland Limestone51.538584, -3.2598406
Taf FechanTaf FechanInland Limestone51.784887, -3.360876
Taffs WellTaffs WellInland Limestone51.536579, -3.257189
Taffs Well PinnacleTaffs Well PinnacleInland Limestone51.542279, -3.260297
Taffs Well WestTaffs Well WestInland Limestone, -3.267939
Taffs West Railway CuttingTaffs West Railway CuttingInland Limestone51.535709, -3.263316
The Lonely ShepherdThe Lonely ShepherdInland Limestone51.82264082, -3.1343896
TrefilTrefilInland Limestone51.825688, -3.311231
Twynau Gwynion QuarriesTwynau Gwynion QuarriesInland Limestone51.78468, -3.358695
VaynorVaynorInland Limestone51.781806, -3.4038332
Wenvoe QuarryWenvoe QuarryInland Limestone51.459783, -3.2550323