Morfa Bychan and Pendine

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Morfa Bychan and Pendine
Dish the Dirt - Fr.6c, Morfa.
Dish the Dirt - Fr.6c, Morfa.
Rock Type Quarried Carboniferous Limestone
Climbing Style Sport
Approach Time 5 minutes
Area Carmarthenshire
WGS-84 Location 51.73766, -4.569089
OS Grid Ref. SN 227 074
WGS-84 Parking Location
GR Parking Location
Base Elevation 0 metres (Other)
General Info
Faces Direction Various
Wind Sheltered
Climbing Type Normal
Seepage Needs a short dry spell
Before/After Low Tide 6.0 hours (See Note)
Crags Within 3.0 km.

Morfa Bychan and Pendine, Telpyn Point - Amroth

RAD Notice/Restriction Morfa Bychan and Pendine@BMC RAD


Morfa and Pendine crags form the tidal limestone headland on the western side of the expanse of golden beach that is Pendine Sands.

Morfa is a jewel of a crag located in a small easily accessible cove west of Pendine. Signs at the end of the rough lane say access only, as you intend to access the beach; interpret this as you wish. The quiet sandy bay, possibility of wild camping fishing and proximity to the pub all add to its appeal. The quarried western side of the headland offers over thirty well-equipped sport routes with grades ranging from Fr.4 to Fr.7a+. Many of the routes contain dark-grey extremely featured wind-sculpted rock (in their upper parts), which is a little soft and sandy and consequently slightly awkward to climb upon.

The quarry crag is (virtually) non-tidal but approachable 2 hours after high tide. The first 8 routes, and the shorter ones on the right, could be climbed at high tide if you are prepared to risk waiting for the ebb.

The sun moves onto the crag mid-to-late afternoon (faces NW) and so it can be cold and slippery in the shade.

The Point is a concave crag on a sloping rock platform. It contains slightly shorter routes and a deep dark zawn. Exciting! The eastern side is cut off by the tide earlier than the western side. From the western side of the bay, an easy scramble leads to the quarry. For both sides of the point, if you are cut off by the tide, it is possible to top out on an easy climb and abseil (east) or walk (west) out. Don't leave it too late though or you will either be stuck for a few hours or be reduced to bushwhacking through endless impenetrable gorse.

Pendine Beach is a picturesque crag on the eastern side of the headland. The rock is as good as anywhere in Pembroke (high praise indeed) with occasional patches of the sandy 'Morfa grey' variety. There is a good spread of grades, enough in each bracket to keep a party of any ability going for many visits. You can get in and out of Pendine about an hour or so after the Point is accessible/cut off. In practice this gives you a window of around 2.5 hours, give or take tidal conditions.

Notes: For a fuller day, an early to mid-afternoon low tide is necessary. Approach from Morfa. Warm up at the quarry and move around to Pendine side and catch the sun in the early part of the day. Move back around west to finish in the quarry and a boulder hop to dry land as the tide rushes in.

Other options are available for an evening or morning cragging but its best to climb in the sun as the shade may find you enduring cold and greasy conditions. If you are planning on climbing on the Pendine side all day, the right side of the crag is non-tidal, so a 9am low will see you in and out with an 11 to 12 hour long session.

There can be seepage after prolonged heavy rain. But there are no midges!


From Amroth, travel east towards Pendine passing Marros Church. After 4 miles (just before the Green Bridge Inn) and at the bottom of the hill is a sneaky right-hand turn. Drive down a rough unmade road which leads past a caravan park on the left to the cove (1 mile),this is now signed as Access Onlybut isn't gated April 2022.The crag is located on the left-hand (E) side of the beach.

With the opening of a new fast cut it may be quicker to approach from Red Roses through lanes (consult a map or talking halfwit) taking a right turn to arrive at The Green Bridge Inn then.....sneaky left turn.

It's pretty hard to get lost following the A4066 from St Clears. This road passes through Pendine (should you wish to park here) and the Green Bridge is signposted about a mile out of the village at a church on the left.


To find your desired crag, type the name in to the Filter Markers box (top right corner of the map).

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Morfa Bychan

A less tidal area than Pendine that gets afternoon sun. The rock is a bit sandy in places.
Morfa Bychan

Described from left to right.

  1. Best Possible Taste - Fr. 6b
    Short but intense route to the left side of Sid Snot ledge,start from sea level.

  2. Above The Stupid C***s - Fr. 6b+
    Atmospheric cheese best done incorporating the preceeding route from sea level.

  3. Another Cupid Stunt - Fr. 6a+ *
    Short wall below Sid Snotstart from sea level.

  4. Sid Snot - Fr. 6b+
    Off the narrow ledge at the L end of platform.

  5. Cut Through The Crap - Fr. 6a+
    The Hanging groove at the left end of the platform.

  6. Tasty Protein Supplement - Fr. 6a+
    Much better than it looks.

  7. Dish The Dirt - Fr. 6c
    A shattered (but solid) wall leads to a tricky clip and stiff move to pass the bulge. Easier slab climbing to finish, avoiding the final roof by staying right. 15m.

    The nest four routes are unfortunately marred by the belay placements and would be much improved by an additional L.O. beneath the big roof.

  8. Less Is More - Fr. 7a+
    Hard throughout, aim for the short arête. 15m.

  9. More Than Enough - Fr. 7a **
    An exercise in stamina, good stuff. 15m.

  10. More More More - Fr. 7a
    Overhanging with a tough middle bit. 18m.

  11. Moreland - Fr. 7a+ **
    More stamina climbing with a mid-height hanging corner. 18m.

  12. Burn After Reading - Fr. 6c+ **
    Great climbing low down. Step onto the wall, off the block, and straight into quality face climbing. Burl through the roof and then womble up sandy rock to the top. The final bolt may be obscured by vegetation and the lower off to the left should be ignored. 20m.

  13. Morfa Morfa Morfa - Fr. 7a *
    Hard lower bulge, good rest below final overlap. Rumour has it that the pillar, below the roof, is not securely attached to the rest of the cliff ! 20m.

  14. Listing Badly - Fr. 7a *
    Hard to start, even harder to finish. 20m.

  15. Wreckage - Fr. 7a+
    Hard start easing then vast reach at top. 20m.

  16. She's Slipping Away - Fr. 7a **
    Butch start, tricky finish. Can be wet at the start. 20m.

  17. Credit Squeeze - Fr. 6b+ ***
    A jewel of a route, deceptively pumpy at the top. The starting corner by the block sometimes damp. 15m.

  18. The Pinch Is On - Fr. 7a *
    A direct finish to Credit Squeeze, upgraded due to loss of hold at the last bolt. 18m.

  19. Selling Short - Fr. 6b+ ***
    A fine companion to Credit Squeeze breaking right after the common corner. 15m.

  20. Tidal Rush - Fr. 6c+ *
    Start off the block. A route of three parts; good moves over the roof lead to two technical bulges with a good rest before each. 15m.
    Climbers on Selling Short and Asset Manager

  21. Asset Manager - Fr. 6c **
    One of the crag's best. Technical wall climbing which eases above half height. 15m.

  22. Heading South - Fr. 6a *
    The enjoyable shallow groove system. 15m.

  23. Insider Dealer - Fr. 6b+ *
    Easy approach leads to a very hard sequence near the top, which is well out of reach of most Fr.6b+ climbers. 15m.

  24. Bull Market - Fr. 6a
    Hardest at the top break. 12m.

    The short routes off the ledge are non-tidal (usually) and it is possible to scramble out right to escape (painfully) up the fisherperson's path through the gorse. This leads to the top of the headland and the coastal path hence back to the car park.

  25. Crash and Dash - Fr. 5+
    First of the routes on the short wall off the ledge. 10m.

  26. Pump And Dump - Fr. 6a+
    Hard from the word go! 10m.

  27. Toxic Assets - Fr. 4+
    Handy if waiting out the tide. 10m.

  28. Green Shoots Of Recovery - Fr. 5
    The arête, not as easy as it looks big boy (person). 10m.

The Point

The Sunny Side

Sunny Side
Morfa Panorama

Further east and more tidal, if stranded by the tide escape can be made via a faint thorny aforementioned fisherperson's path through the gorse (careful of your designer down jacket it's not fit for purpose in blackthorn scrub at 50m above sea level).

  1. Squeeze That Lemon - Fr. 5+
    The first route in this sector, a reachy start leads to the shared belay on the right.

  2. The Golden String - Fr. 5+ *
    Amusing enclosed corner then out on the pillar to finish.

  3. Noah's Arse - Fr. 5
    Easily up the wall until it steepens move R to belay shared with Knee Jerk.

  4. Knee Jerk - Fr. 6a
    Gain the ledge then flail manfully onto the top wall.

  5. Lie Back And Think Of England - Fr. 6c+ *
    First wall often greasy and not to be underestimated. The crux crack through roof is great, but often drips. Take a lie down rest in the large break before launching out.

  6. Lucas Numbers - Fr. 6c *
    Awkward groove, on the left of the prominent arête, and roof above. 13m

  7. Bonacci's Sequence - Fr. 7b *
    Steep, hangers. 13m

  8. Mistaking Cassini's Identity - Fr. 7a+ *
    Left side of the orange groove to a powerful crux at its top. Shares a belay to the right.

  9. All About Nothing - Fr. 6a **
    Short crack, undercut flake leading to juggy break and final pull over roof. All good stuff. 14m.

  10. Get Out Claws - Fr. 2
    The staircase leading to the ledge,finish steeply or slope off right if carrying a rucsac.

  11. Zero Inclination - Fr. 6a+ *
    Rib and v-groove above ledge. Not as easy as it looks, jumbo staple at crux. 14m.

  12. Recurring Nightmare - Fr. 5
    Short stapled wall leads to ledge of following route and shared ring. 14m.

  13. A Question Of Rabbits - Fr. 6b+ *
    Start on the L of arête move into centre of wall then join other lines at ledge. 14m

  14. My Slice Of Pie - Fr. 6a
    The arête leading to the ledge finishing at a stunning ring L.O. in the groove. Easy to top out so makes a handy escape route if you want to extend your stay after tidal cut off. 14m.

  15. Sad Little Nutter - HVS, 5a
    Short thin crack stepping left into previous but without clipping any bolts and topping out of course.

  16. Off At A Tangent - Fr. 6b
    Short wall R of thin crack, climbed direct without recourse to the crack or it's nuts. 14m.

  17. Smart Keas - Fr. 6a
    Start up the narrow sidewall then gain the arête with a tricky move to reach the ledge. 14m.

  18. Daft Nutter - HVS, 5b *
    Obvious narrow crack taking the pillar, special dispensation received to use wires on the cheap. 14m.

  19. You Sane Bolter - Fr. 6a+ *
    Right side of pillar to ring belay. 14m.

  20. Bolus Feed - Fr. 6b **
    Hanging pillar steepens at top, some may find this hard to swallow but hey this is Carmarthen, enjoy! 14m.

Zero Zawn

Routes 4, 5 and 6 start as for Turing's Sum, then scuttle off left at the first bolt. (Turing's Backdoor Entry) There are bolts in place for direct starts, but they've never been dry. The ledges they all converge from could be gained by abseil from the grassy ledge above, (2 x10mm bolts in place, bring your own spanner and hangers), giving mid-tide access.

  1. Nil By Mouth - Fr. 6a *
    Deceptive, tricky start and finish at L side of zawn entrance. 14m.

  2. Continued Nursing Care - Fr. 6a+
    Short lived difficulties in the gloom on L side of the zawn. 15m.

  3. P.E.G Feed - Fr. 5+
    Groove to R joining previous. 13m.

    A project through the centre of the roof.

  4. Labrynthitis - Fr. 6a+/6b
    Buried deep in the gloom and dizzying heights of the L side of the zawn. Not often dry, a direct lunge through the top roof from an undercut earns the 6b tick.

  5. A Quest For The Origins Of-The Place Holder Notation - Fr. 6b+ ***
    Excellent climbing above the hideous barnacled entry groove which is best avoided by taking Turing's Back Door Entry. (Fr 6b)

  6. Disraeli's Curl - Fr. 7a **
    After barnacle start groove line above. 15m.

  7. Kitchener's Nabla - Fr. 7a+ **
    Central line.

  8. Turing's Sum - Fr. 6c+ **
    Was formerley right hand line. Bolt missing at mid height.

  9. Blank Dark Thirty - Fr. 6b **
    Hanging shelved groove.

  10. Joys Of A Tethered Goat - Fr. 6b **
    Start up pockets just L of Central Integrator then move left (big BR's) to join Blank Dark 30 at the shelf.

  11. The Central Integrator - Fr. 6b **
    Groove at entrance to R side of zawn. 15m.

  12. Dismal Differentiator - Fr. 6a+ *
    Tricky deceptive layback then easily to belay of previous, two skinflint threads. 15m.

  13. Napier's Bones - Fr. 6a *
    Short pillar on right side of zawn with single ring lower off. 13m

Trollers Wall

The zawn opens into a ledgy wall leading to the point with some pleasant sunny trad routes.

One of the first areas to be developed mainly to gain access to the top of the crag to seek out abseil points. Good quality limestone and copious cheap re-usable protection make this a must for aspirant "trad climbers".

  1. Cinders Shall Not Go To The Ball - HS
    Romp up the cracks exiting on the right of the short steep wall. Prolong the "adventure" with the 1hr fight through blackthorn and walk back to your floating rucsac or abseil off.

  2. Del Boy Dallies With The Trolls - VD
    From the same ledge gain and take the obvious diagonal crack - descent options as per previous route.

  3. Post Code Lottery - HS, 4b
    The easy rib and steeper wall above.

  4. Troll Hop - Diff
    Easy scramble up chimney to gain ledge, the exit/escape route if climbing on the Pendine side with an incoming tide.

  5. Gizzard Puke Fr 4+
    The prow above and R of the escape chimney.

  6. Short Sharp Sock - Fr. 6b
    The short but exquisitely sharp wall which rises above a high jagged platform. Sharp holds lead to an even sharper move L to gain the crack. 8m

  7. Nutter's Crack - VS, 4c
    The obvious steep but short crack off the platform.

  8. The Juice Runs Down My Leg - Fr. 5+
    The short wall to the right. 7m.

Pendine Beach

Has enough routes now to be regarded as a crag in it's own right. Approach easily along the sand at low (non neap) tides from Morfa Bay but be aware of letting yourself in for a wade out at neaps.The least complex approach is from Pendine beach 2.5 hrs either side of low tide an extra 30 mins or so can be gained if prepared to wade the section leading to Pendine Right.(Look at tide tables and use common sense).

The Darkside

Pendine beach point.jpg

Right at the point is THE DARKSIDE. This section is in shade from early p.m the other sections remain sunny for most of the day giving flexibility according to conditions.

  1. Straight As A Dai - Fr. 6b *
    Stiff barnacle crimping then immaculate rock to the belay. 15m.

  2. Central Deviator - Fr. 6b *
    May seem stiff if onsighting but a little lateral shirking will get you up this. 15m.

  3. The Tedium Of A Long Distance Red Pointer Fr 6c+*
    The crack,tricky to get established even trickier to exit.

  4. Silver Surfers Sermon - Fr. 6c+
    Rubbly looking pillar/crack recently bolted.

  5. Before Planck's Time - Fr. 7a+ **
    Steep hanging groove belay above veggie band.

  6. Salisbury's Crowd - Fr. 7b+ **
    L hand branch pulling L onto wall over L hand roof to join belay of previous.

  7. Gladstone's Deficit - Fr. 7b **
    R hand branch of bifurcating line over roof

  8. Seven Thirty At Arras - Fr. 7b **
    Diagonal crack joining the final wall of Badgers Out.

  9. Quantum Of Lydon's Future - Fr. 7b **
    Fierce undercutting leads to baffling crux then final romp over the roofs.

    Darkside Right

  10. Quantum of Lydon's Feelings - Fr. 7b+ **
    Starts up Seven Thirty At Arras and finishes up Quantum of Lydon's Future - a good link with all the hard sections of the parent routes.

  11. Badger's Out! - Fr. 7a+ **
    Bottomless chimney and groove.

  12. Vera Figner's Lost List - Fr. 7a+
    Above the large boulders.

  13. Jacky Fisher's Phobia - Fr. 7a **
    Common start with previous route. Tackles the strenuous, bottomess, sentry box. Great if you like technical chimney cruxes. Easy finish over the roof and pristine slab.

  14. Thousand Bomber Raid - Fr. 7b+
    Climb the shallow groove right of Jacky Fisher’s Phobia to the roof and then make a series of difficult moves out left underneath it to gain a big flake and easier finish. Lanky people seem to reach the same place by jumping, but the grade seems about the same.

  15. Your Future, Our Clutter - Fr. 7b+ **
    On the pillar right of Jacky Fisher's Phobia, take the RH bolt line to the roof where is gets boulder. Some nasty crimping in an intimidating position is needed to get stood up over roof to finish.

  16. Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee! - Fr. 7b+ **
    The third bolted line from the left in the Dark Side roof. Step off the huge boulder (belayer in the trench below) and make strenuous moves up to a line of horizontal pockets. Follow these round the arête and make hard move up to a slot and the belay. Needs another bolt in the roof, which I'll put in shortly.

  17. Z Cars - Fr. 7c **
    A forceful link-up, with a couple of new moves in the centre. Start up Float Like A Butterfly and make powerful moves up from the pocket to gain the jug on the lip of Becalmed... Finish up Becalmed. Watch out for the clips on the lip; the first ascent involved a z-clip and some memorable work to then un/clip the system correctly! A hot day with grease on the undercuts, so might prove to be more like Fr7b+ in good conditions.

  18. Adrift on Dirac's Sea - Fr. 7b+ **
    Climb the wall R of Float Like A Butterfly to gain the line of undercuts traversing left through the roof. Follow these to a large pinch jug on the lip and make technical moves up left to gain the belay of Float Like A Butterfly.

  19. Becalmed on Dirac's Sea - Fr. 7c **
    As for Adrift to the pinch jug, but finish direct to a new belay.

  20. Seagull Stuka Strike - Fr. 7b+ *
    The right-hand line through the roof left of the hanging rope stepping of a huge boulder.

  21. Beer Coracle - Fr. 7b *
    The last of the overhanging grooves on the Dark Side (left of Dog Leg). Looks good, thin technical and strenuous leaving lower groove. Requires techniques you won't learn on a climbing wall.

  22. Dog Head Fr 6c+
    Roof just R of previous leading onto ramp and shared double ring belay.

Platform Left

Bitch - Fr. 6b, Pendine

Over to the right on a high non tidal platform (tested) just behind some excellent bouldering blocs are a number of ever dry sunny routes. The left side of the Platform is bounded on the right by two striking groove lines Soapy Dahl and Man Machine

  1. Dog Leg - Fr. 6a *
    Not on topo left of the Tombstone block.Left line of bolts then veer left up ramp above roof.

  2. Dog Wuff - Fr. 6b **
    Not on topo left of Tombstone block. Follow crack then direct up wall to belay above top break.

  3. Doggy Style - Fr. 6b **
    Not on topo,will get a seperate pic for this area.Immaculate stylish climbing of a good pedigree up the crack R of previous.

  4. Doggy Style Deviant - Fr. 6a+ *
    As per Doggy Style then follow through bolts L up the ramp to a seperate belay.

  5. Doggy Bag - Fr. 6a*
    An entertaining start up the final crack before the Tombstone leads to "bubbly holds" at the final break and the shared belay with Table Scraps.]

  6. Litter Runt - Fr. 6a
    Gain the top of the Tombstone block by it's L slabby side,step across and make a couple of stiff pulls to gain the top section of Table Scraps and the shared L.O.

  7. Table Scraps - Fr. 6a
    Step off the tombstone block or do some caving to reach floor approach.Cross the red/green crust of dried lichen/moss L of the crack moving onto the cleaner wall to a shared belay on the left.

    Pendine right.jpg
  8. Give The Dog A Bone - Fr. 5
    Start just right of the block on the arête then move onto the L of the arête to shared belay with following.

  9. Salty Dog- Fr. 5+
    Excellent first route on the wall proper.

  10. Bitch - Fr. 6b
    The broad yellow scoop is exited leftwards. Take care using the sandy pockets through the overhangs.

  11. Snuffle Hound - Fr. 6b+*
    Tricky moves to gain the slab and exit it.

  12. Unleashed- Fr. 6a+
    Good 3D climbing

  13. 3D Dog - Fr. 6a+
    More 3D climbing to shared belay with previous.

  14. Soapy Dahl - Fr. 6b **
    Brilliant bridging up the obvious flowstone groove line.

  15. Man Machine - Fr. 6c
    Bridging then baffling move past the bulge

    A few metres right are the following

Platform Right

  1. Cross Country Booty Call - Fr. 7a *
    Follow the arête to a huge pocket, then (somehow) stand in it to clip the L.O.

  2. Sophie's Wit Tank - Fr. 6c **
    Left of the two obvious grooves is an undercut wall. A thin strenuous crack start leads to a crux layback in the headwall above, pumpy.

  3. Perfect Prude - Fr. 6b+ *
    Bridging up the square cut chimney. Reaching the next break is tricky. First bolt high up, so use a clip stick.

  4. Stroking the Lizard - Fr. 6a+*
    Short pillar then stepped corners to a wild finish over the top roof, longer than most.

  5. Milking The Snake - Fr. 6a
    Just R of the start of Stroking. A series of stepped corners and juggy roof lead to a step left and the final corner and finish as per Stroking The Lizard. Wimping out into The Rubble Escalator is not a tick.

  6. Stroke Of Good Luck - Fr. 6b+ *
    The short arête,keeping to the arête and left wall at all times. Single ring LO or continue to LO of The Rubble Escalator (hole drilled at LO so feel free to buy your own bolt and put it in).

  7. The Rubble Escalator - Fr. 5
    Obvious rubbly chimney.

  8. Blood Spunker - Fr. 6a+
    Crack then R wall of rubble chimney and hand traverse to achieve belay ledge off to R.

  9. Closed Project
    Recently bolted R arête.

  10. Dishonourable Discharge - Fr. 5+
    Betwizzled layback leads to the belay of Blood Spunker.Not drawn on topo.

  11. Spunk Welded - Fr. 6a
    Steep crack (2 uber staples)then tricky move to gain a slabby wall to same LO as previous two routes. Best seconded to clean quickdraws.

  12. Stuck Up Bitch - Fr. 6c **
    Groove leads to ledge then pumpy headwall crack. (Not drawn on topo)

  13. Waxing Lyrical - Fr. 6b+**
    Start as for Mary's or Stuck Up then step R/L onto the rib,big flake holds lead to the L wall of the groove. Follow pocket holds then breaks to an exposed step L to the single ring LO which can be backed up with the easily reachable belay of Stuck Up Bitch.

  14. Mary Hinge's Close Shave - Fr. 6b+ *
    Steep groove/corner the shared belay of following on the right. Beware big swing when lowering and cleaning.

  15. Nothing In It - Fr. 6b
    Groove /crack left of arête.

  16. McGoohan Loses Six - Fr. 6c+
    Arête, tricky to 3rd bolt, eases above.

  17. The Amount Of Fun To Be Had By A Bear With A Broken Baculum - Fr. 6a *
    Fun. Pocketed grey slab starting off flakes. Awkward lower off to the far left.

    Photo: The perfect groove line Sophie Dahl Fr.6b.

Below Platform Right

A newly developed area starting from the ramp down and right of the platform.

  1. Wristlock - Fr. 6b
    A short route over the roof at the left side of the ramp. 12 m.

  2. Alpha Blocker - Fr. 6a+
    Left hand start joins next route. Goes to shared belay of 3. 23 m

  3. Hypertension - Fr. 6a+ **
    Take the common entry as for the following route then from the ledge follow the diagonal crack, arête and final wall to shared LO ring.

  4. Beat a Block, Ha! - Fr.6b *
    A long route but 50 m suffices. A short wall leads to the ledge, take the crack on the right until standing on the stacked block pillar. Launch off this onto the final wall and shared ring belay. 23 m.

  5. ACE Inhibitor - Fr. 6b+ **
    Same start as previous takes orange wall on right to separate belay. 23 m

First Ascents

Morfa Bychan

  1. R.Thomas Goi Ashmore 11.06.2017
  2. R Thomas Nick Eugene 02.01.2017
  3. R.Thomas R Phillips Eugene 29.12.2016
  4. G. Gibson, R. Thomas.
  5. G. Gibson.
  6. G. Gibson.
  7. G. Gibson R. Thomas.
  8. G. Gibson.
  9. G. Gibson.
  10. G. Gibson.
  11. G. Gibson.
  12. G. Gibson.
  13. G. Gibson.
  14. R. Thomas G. Gibson.
  15. G. Gibson.
  16. R. Thomas,G. Gibson.
  17. G. Gibson, R. Thomas.
  18. R. Thomas, G. Gibson.
  19. R. Thomas, G. Gibson.
  20. R. Thomas, M. Hirst.
  21. R. Thomas, G. Gibson.
  22. R. Thomas, G. Gibson.
  23. R. Thomas, G. Gibson.
  24. R. Thomas.
  25. R. Thomas.

The Point

The Sunny Side

  1. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 12.05.2016
  2. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 26.07.2014
  3. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore, A. Rosier, R Mcallister. 27.07.2014.
  4. project
  1. G. Ashmore, R. Thomas. 31.05.2014
  2. G. Ashmore. 27.07.2014.
  3. R. Thomas, E.T Jones. 05.07.2014
  4. R. Thomas. solo. 28.07.2014
  5. R. Thomas, E. T, Jones. 06.07.2014
  6. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 06.07.2014
  7. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 00.06.2014
  8. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore, E. T. Jones. 07.07.2014
  9. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 31.05.2014
  10. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 31.05.2014
  11. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 18.06.2014
  12. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 18.04.2014

Zero Zawn

  1. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 06.06.2014
  2. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 31.05.2014
  3. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore, E.T Jones. 06.07.2014
  4. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 27.07.2014
  5. G. Ashmore, R. Thomas. 06.06.2014
  6. G. Ashmore, E.T Jones. 05.07.2014
  7. G. Ashmore, E.T Jones. 06.07.2014
  8. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 22.04.2015
  9. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 22.05.2015
  10. R. Thomas, R.Phillips, N. O'Neill. 28.05.2014
  11. R. Thomas, R.Phillips G. Ashmore. 27.05.2014
  12. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 15.04.2014
  13. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 16.04.2104
  14. R. Thomas, E. T. Jones. 08.02.2015

Trollers Wall

  1. Nick O'Neill, R. Thomas.
  2. Nick O'Neill, R. Thomas.
  3. R. Thomas. solo 28.07.2014
  4. R. Thomas. solo
  5. R.Thomas G.Ashmore
  6. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 01.10.2015
  7. R. Thomas. 27.02.2016

Pendine Beach


  1. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 2014
  2. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 2014
  3. Crack Project
  4. E.T Jones, R. Thomas. 05.07.2015
  5. Before Planck’s Time (Goi Ashmore, Eugene Travers-Jones (belayed) 5 Jun 2015)
  6. Salisbury’s Crowd (Goi Ashmore, Roy Thomas (belayed) 10 Jul 2015)
  7. Gladstone’s Deficit (Goi Ashmore, Roy Thomas (belayed) 14 Jun 2015)
  8. Seven Thirty At Arras (Goi Ashmore, Roy Thomas (belayed) 20 May 2015)
  9. Quantum of Lydon’s Future (Goi Ashmore, Dai Emanuel (belayed) 25 May 2015)
  10. Quantum of Lydon’s Feelings (Goi Ashmore, Roy Thomas (belayed) 28 Aug 2015)
  11. Badger’s Out! (Goi Ashmore, Eugene Travers-Jones (belayed) 21 Apr 2015)
  12. Jackie Fisher’s Phobia (Goi Ashmore, Eugene Travers-Jones (belayed) 16 Aug 2014)
  13. Vera Figner’s Lost List (Goi Ashmore, Eugene Travers-Jones (belayed) 16 Aug 2014)
  14. Thousand Bomber Raid (Goi Ashmore, Roy Thomas (belayed) 04 Aug 2016)
  15. Your Future, Our Clutter! (Goi Ashmore, Simon Rawlinson (belayed)) 19 Jul 2016)
  16. Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee (Goi Ashmore, Geraint Morris) 04 Jun 2016)
  17. Z Cars (Goi Ashmore, Geraint Morris (belayed) 9-Jul-17)
  18. Adrift On Dirac’s Sea (Goi Ashmore, Eugene Travers-Jones (belayed) 25 Jun 2017)
  19. Becalmed on Dirac’s Sea (Goi Ashmore, Eugene Travers-Jones (belayed) 25 Jun 2017)
  20. Seagull Stuka Strike (Goi Ashmore, Roy Thomas (belayed) 10 Jun-2016)
  21. Beer Coracle (Eugene Travers-Jones, Goi Ashmore (belayed) 25 Jun 2017)
  22. Project

Platform Left

  1. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore, 08.07.2015
  2. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore, 08.07.2015
  3. R. Thomas, R.Phillips, 18.07.2015
  4. R. Thomas, E.T Jones, 21.07.2015
  5. R. Thomas, R.Phillips, 18.07.2015.
  6. R. Thomas, E.T Jones, 02.08.2015
  7. R. Thomas, G. Gibson, 06.2015
  8. R. Thomas, H.Gibson G. Gibson, 06.2015.
  9. Hazel Gibson, G. Gibson, R. Thomas, 06.2015
  10. G. Gibson. 06.2015
  11. G. Gibson.
  12. G. Gibson.
  13. G. Gibson.
  14. G. Gibson.
  15. G. Gibson.

Platform Right

  1. A. Rosier 15.05.2016
  2. R. Thomas, E. Jones.10.07.2016
  3. R. Thomas, G. Gibson, H. Gibson. 00.06.2015
  4. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 14.06.2015
  5. R. Thomas, E. T. Jones. 05.07.2015
  6. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 10.07.2015
  7. R. Thomas, R. Phillips. 24.06.2015
  8. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 18.06.2015
  9. D. Emanuel, R. Phillips. 24.06.2015
  10. proj
  11. D. Emanuel, R.Phillips. 24.06.2014
  12. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore.  ?.07.2015
  13. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 01.10.2015.
  14. R. Thomas, E. T. Jones. 01.11.2015
  15. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 20.05.2015
  16. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore E. T Jones. 21.02.2015
  17. G. Ashmore. 17.07.2014
  18. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore, ET Jones. 22.03.2015

Below Platform Right

  1. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 02.09.2016
  2. R. Thomas, E. T. Jones. 00.07.2016
  3. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 21.07.2016
  4. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 22.06.2016
  5. R. Thomas, G. Ashmore. 23.07.2016