Thurba to Overton

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Boiler Slab from the west.
Looking across the bay of The Knave towards Paviland from the Tooth Fairy


Varies from 1 and a half hours either side of low tide to non-tidal. See individual crags.


See individual crags.


A beautiful and somewhat isolated stretch of coastline which has seen considerable sport climbing development since the 2003 guide.

There is also beautiful trad climbing on wild and remote cliffs. The cliffs at Thurba Head, Paviland, Juniper Wall, Boiler Slab and White Pillar are good examples.

At the western end of this sector are where the sports routes are concentrated. Rams Grove Seaward Crag, Saddam's Wall, Third Sister and Deborah's Zawn and the Tooth Fairy are well worth a visit.


Many of these crags are located in the some of the remotest parts of the Gower coast.

For crags west of and (including) Third Sister park at Pitton Farm (51.565848, -4.270856)

For crags between and including White Pillar up to Paviland Far Far Far West, it is quicker to begin your walk-in at Pilton Green (51.561586, -4.242797 - SS 446871).

For crags from Upper Black Hole Crag to Overton Cliff it may be quicker to park at Overton but there are limited parking spaces.

For Culver Hole and Port Eynon Cave Park in Port Eynon Beach car park.

To find your crag, type the name in to the Filter Markers box (top right corner of the map).

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