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A listing here under this categorisation is intended as a very rough guide only. Climbers are encouraged to always assess local conditions before choosing to climb at a particular location.

Crags classified as serious are crags which have some or all of the following:

  • Difficult access and/or retreat e.g. abseil, down-climbing, etc.
  • Significant objective dangers e.g. significant rockfall potential
  • Have mostly routes in the higher grades.
  • Have routes which are largely un-protectable or protectable only with difficulty
  • Tidal with critical escape points.
These crags are not suitable for most climbers and certainly not for families!
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There are 36 Serious type crags recorded on this wiki

 Has crag nameMain AreaSub AreaHas Rad restriction URLLat/Long
Blackhole GutBlackhole GutGowerThurba to Overton51.547641, -4.248656
Blue Pool AreaBlue Pool AreaGowerNorth Gower51.612197, -4.305514
Conglomerate CliffConglomerate CliffGowerRhossili51.561987, -4.285913
Culver HoleCulver HoleGowerThurba to Overton51.53930, -4.21423
Deborah's OverhangDeborah's OverhangGowerThurba to Overton51.553830, -4.261632
Deborah's ZawnDeborah's ZawnGowerThurba to Overton51.553892, -4.263138
Eyeball WallEyeball WallGowerRhossili51.561847, -4.285751
Minchen HoleMinchen HoleGowerHeatherslade to Pwll Du, -4.085623
Overton CliffOverton CliffGowerThurba to Overton51.5418940, -4.2287817
PantheonPantheonGowerHeatherslade to Pwll Du51.561964, -4.082273
Paviland Far Far Far WestPaviland Far Far Far WestGowerThurba to Overton51.550288, -4.258116
Paviland Far WestPaviland Far WestGowerThurba to Overton51.550372, -4.2566854
Sinister Sister ZawnSinister Sister ZawnGowerRhossili51.566464, -4.301587
Stallion CoveStallion CoveGowerThurba to Overton51.551088, -4.258683
TV ZawnTV ZawnGowerThurba to Overton51.553588, -4.262108
Tears PointTears PointGowerRhossili51.559840, -4.296507
The HoleThe HoleGowerThurba to Overton51.551322, -4.259650
Thurba HeadThurba HeadGowerThurba to Overton, -4.279271
Yellow WallYellow WallGowerRhossili, -4.286106
Yellow ZawnYellow ZawnGowerRhossili
Dinas Main CragDinas Main CragInland LimestoneDinas Rock, -3.572933
Eastern EdgeEastern EdgeInland LimestoneLlangattock51.83007904845879, -3.15176946
VaynorVaynorInland Limestone51.781806, -3.4038332
Pen PychPen PychSandstoneSandstone Western Valleys51.684593, -3.565994
Davy Jones' Locker and the Sea CavesDavy Jones' Locker and the Sea CavesSouth CoastOgmore51.4514745, -3.6177795
Dunraven CliffDunraven CliffSouth CoastWitches Point51.442431, -3.605030
Elephant WallElephant WallSouth CoastOgmore51.453131, -3.621320
Mitzy WallMitzy WallSouth CoastOgmore51.450330, -3.614387
Ogmore Popular EndOgmore Popular EndSouth CoastOgmore51.453234, -3.622041
Right Hand WallRight Hand WallSouth CoastOgmore51.4499155, -3.6143329
Stone Wings CliffStone Wings CliffSouth CoastWitches Point51.442508, -3.604320
Stout PointStout PointSouth CoastLlantwit Coast51.392084, -3.478126
The BiscuitThe BiscuitSouth CoastOgmore51.4523136, -3.6186752
The Western CragThe Western CragSouth CoastOgmore51.453745, -3.622776
Tiger BayTiger BaySouth CoastOgmore51.452824, -3.620625
Twinkle ButtressTwinkle ButtressSouth CoastOgmore51.4535262, -3.6225426