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A pleasant area of small inlets east of the sea walls of witches point. Sunny outlook and solid rock make this a must.

Approach by walking over witches head land (or if lucky with the tides across the beach) to the fisherman's ledges and scrambling down east before the neighbouring temple bay is reached. An abseil from the "wrasse" belay (above the right side of Witches Cave) can often save the walk over the headland on the way back.


Highly variable.

There is a cut off around the Second Inlet, so beware.

The Cave Area is useful as it permits climbing on the marginally tidal platforms for a good long spell (this is particularly easy if leaving a short length of abseil rope from the bolt anchors above).


Park at the Dunraven Car Park.

If approaching at dead low tide, head across the beach and over the tip to land at the Sea Walls.

At any other time, follow the road and path (past the castle), and then a right fork (into the woods).

Once at the viewing point (past the right fork), continue for 50 m to a wooden gate on the left. Go through the gate, up the steps, and you will shortly reach the path to the beach (on the left), or, continuing for a little while longer meet a rusty iron kissing gate (directly above the Cave Inlets area). This point can also be reached by following clifftop footpaths over the headland and striking back towards the woods at the opposite cliff edge.

To find your desired crag, type the name in to the Filter Markers box (top right corner of the map).

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