Bouldering at Cilfrew

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Below Left Hand End of Cilfrew Edge

  1. Midge Fest - font 2
    Juggy arête below Pink Sock. R.Thomas 12.06.2017

  2. Green Slab - font 3
    Crack in green slab below Pink Sock. Dig the exit from the ledge out yourself or scramble back down. R.Thomas 12.06.2017

Right of Ravens Cliff

  1. Quiet Storm - font 4+
    To the right of Raven Buttress. A boulder with a square cave in its middle and a jutting out fin/roof on the left arête. Start on flake, left of cave, climb jugs to a pocket at the bottom of the fin then climb fin/roof. W.Calvert 22.05.2017

Door 121

  1. Aklo - font 4+
    Left side of arête. A.Rosier 28.05.2017

  2. Stella Sapiente - font 2+
    Right side of arête. A.Rosier 28.05.2017

  3. Candiru Arête - font 3
    The left arête of Candiru. R.McAllister 28.05.2017

  4. Candiru Arête (sans slab) - font 5+
    The left arête of Candiru, no feet on slab. W.Calvert 28.05.2017