Russian Zawn

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Russian Zawn - West Wall


On spring tides this area is inaccessible 1 hour either side of of high tide.


This idyllic little area has a preponderance of easy problems on some pinnacles and several interesting (and harder) ones located on the West Wall. It is also very close to some interesting, though infrequently visited, little cliffs. The place would make a good day out, especially if you take the family!

The rock here is mostly sound and barnacle free, and on the harder routes the rock is laced with large and solid calcite crystals. These harder routes are for those with strong (and dry!) fingers only.

There is a longish low traverse on the West Wall which goes from right to left and is quite hard.

Sand level varies considerably (approx 1 metre) and, when very low, rocks in the zawn are exposed and a mat is needed.


2 and a half hours after high tide the area is accessible from Three Cliffs beach. At other times you can find a route down onto the sandy area via the cliff at point due north of the small rocky island.

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Russian Zawn - West Wall

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