The Trench

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The Trench

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The Bonus Trench

Wider inlet east of The Trench.

Bonus Trench - Back Wall

Bonus Trench Back Wall

  1. Left Arête - V4/5
    Big elephant ear flake then long reach up.

  2. Easy Way - V0
    Groove with blocks.

  3. Severn Bridge - V0+
    Straight up from the runnel.

  4. Delamere Leighback - V0
    Move right from the obvious runnel.

  5. Delamere Leighback (right) - V1
    Start right of the obvious runnel.

  6. Chute - V2
    Jump up into long runnel.

  7. Steep Start - V3
    Up the bulge to the long runnel.

Bonus Trench Left Side

  1. Slab & Jump - V1
    Rock up onto slab and jump to jugs.

  2. Arête - V2
    Arête right of easy way down.

  3. Last Wall - V1
    Layback runnel on left side of gully.