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There is a comprehensive topo of the areas on swbouldering website.

WARNING (Ogmore Bouldering - Hardys Bay): There appears to have been a new rockfall. In particular, the rock on the west wall of Area 4 seems very unstable, and there are two noticeable blocks that have come off the end arete and from underneath the little cave. These have changed the routes considerably, and the rock scars are in themselves particularly friable. A massive block has also come out the back of area 3 to the right of problem 8. Take care if you venture down there!


Car Park Roof Boulders
The Wavy Wall

Not listed anywhere but there are opportunities to boulder on the horizontally stratified bands to the west of the beach, prior to the routes at Ogmore being reached. Heading west from the lower southerndown car park are the following areas (see pics) more details to follow.

Bouldering near Southerndown Beach

There is also some potential on either side of the Witches Point.

An area on the east of Witches Point
An area to the east of Witches Point

See also Ogmore Bouldering

Porthcawl/Rest Bay

There is a comprehensive topo of the areas on swbouldering website.

Sully Island

Porthkerry Country Park

Lavernock Point

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