Bouldering in Pembrokeshire

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South west of Crymych, the Dragons Back contains many tors of rough igneous rock.

Parking is in the obvious layby at 216536, 233074.

South-East Tors

Cross the road and through the gate at the end (100m) of the track. Follow a path through the moorland to the left, following the farmers wall and passing a large conifer plantation to gain the main cluster of tors (about 20 mins).

The farmers field boulders are off limits and a sign to warn away trespassers has been erected.

There is a small cluster of boulders in the recently cleared plantation about 50m south of the obvious slab boulder on the approach path. There will be some brushing involved to unearth these, although it potentially looks worthwhile.

South East Tors
Tor 1
Boulder 001 at 214776, 232944.
Boulder 002 at 214760, 232961.
Boulder 003 at 214768, 232962.
Tor 2
Tor 3
Tor 4
Tor 5
Tor 6