Seepage/Needs a long dry spell

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Possibly this crag is so wet that it can be climbed upon only in a dry Summer.

There are 12 Needs a long dry spell seepage crags recorded on this wiki.

 Has crag nameMain AreaHas Rad restriction URLLat/Long
Cefnstylle QuarryCefnstylle QuarrySandstone51.646625, -4.064993
Crymlyn QuarriesCrymlyn QuarriesSandstone51.686193, -3.136350
Cwm DimbathCwm DimbathSandstone, -3.5149399
Deborah's OverhangDeborah's OverhangGower51.553830, -4.261632
Dinas - Main SlabDinas - Main SlabInland Limestone, -3.577719
Ferndale RightFerndale RightSandstone51.663609, -3.455277
Lower Cave AreaLower Cave AreaInland Limestone, -3.573455
Pen PychPen PychSandstone51.684593, -3.565994
Pwll Du BayPwll Du BayGower51.562591, -4.059829
TV ZawnTV ZawnGower51.553588, -4.262108
Tor GroTor GroGower51.621189, -4.227353
Tyle y CochTyle y CochSandstone51.654088, -3.135846