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A listing here under this categorisation is intended as a very rough guide only. Climbers are encouraged to always assess local conditions before choosing to climb at a particular location.

Taking the family climbing (or including children in your group) is always a serious business.

Crags classified as Family are crags which, ideally, have all or most of the following:

  • Very easy access. e.g. Easy and/or short-ish walk-in.
  • Few objective dangers e.g. lower risk of rockfall
  • Safe areas for non-participants
  • If tidal, then easy and obvious escapes
  • A selection of routes in the lower grades
N.B. Crag conditions are liable to change because or weather, tides and rock fall. Climbers are encouraged always to assess thoroughly local conditions before choosing to climb at a particular location.
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There are 14 Family type crags recorded on this wiki

 Has crag nameMain AreaSub AreaHas Rad restriction URLLat/Long
Boiler SlabBoiler SlabGowerThurba to Overton, -4.236298
Four GulliesFour GulliesGowerRhossili51.560991, -4.281283
Little TorLittle TorGowerTor Bay and Great Tor51.569370, -4.127980
Mewslade Quarry SlabMewslade Quarry SlabGowerRhossili51.564481, -4.274609
Pobbles BaysPobbles BaysGowerThree Cliffs and Pobbles51.569777, -4.109186
Pobbles QuarriesPobbles QuarriesGowerThree Cliffs and Pobbles51.567037, -4.102638
Prissen's TorPrissen's TorGowerNorth Gower51.619862, -4.275357
Ramp ZawnRamp ZawnGowerTor Bay and Great Tor51.570307, -4.117544
Second CornerSecond CornerGowerTor Bay and Great Tor51.569805, -4.119753
Three CliffsThree CliffsGowerThree Cliffs and Pobbles51.569941, -4.11139
Morlais QuarriesMorlais QuarriesInland Limestone51.778883, -3.382083
Taffs Well PinnacleTaffs Well PinnacleInland Limestone51.542279, -3.260297
TirpentwysTirpentwysSandstoneSandstone Eastern Valleys51.693790, -3.090722
Box BayBox BaySouth CoastPorthcawl51.48412, -3.72272