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Oxwich Quarry
'Sparky' Steve Warrington on Kissin' The Pink. Photo by Alan Rosier
'Sparky' Steve Warrington on Kissin' The Pink. Photo by Alan Rosier
Rock Type Quarried Carboniferous Limestone
Climbing Style Sport
Approach Time 20 minutes
Area Gower
Sub Area Oxwich
Local Area Oxwich
WGS-84 Location 51.549351, -4.149905
OS Grid Ref. SS 510 855
WGS-84 Parking Location 51.557175, -4.162073
GR Parking Location SS 502 864
Parking Postcode SA3 1LS
Base Elevation 7 metres (Other)
General Info
Faces Direction North East
Aspect Rarely Sunny
Wind Sheltered Always
Climbing Type Normal
Midge Problem Mild
Seepage Quick drying
Crags Within 400m

Oxwich Quarry

RAD Notice/Restriction Oxwich Quarry@BMC RAD



** NEWS ** - Big land slip at Oxwich see Landslip/Rockfall at Oxwich Quarry
** NEWS ** - Another big slip (06/01/19) at Oxwich[1]


Oxwich Quarry: The only tidal routes are those to the right of Kissing The Pink in the quarry (4 hours either side of low water), although routes as far as Written In Red may be inaccessible during extremely high seas. The boulder-hopping approach to the Quarry can be awkward at high tide and is not recommended on initial visits. The easy walk in along the beach is possible 2 ½ hours either side of low water. The rest of the area is non-tidal.


At Oxwich Quarry retro-bolting permissible with first ascensionist’s permission. Replacement of worn fixed gear on a point for point basis with bolts is permissible. New sports routes allowed.


Oxwich Quarry is the major sports climbing area of Gower, containing a large selection of fully equipped routes of most grades, especially 6b-7b+, but also including some of the hardest sport routes on Gower. The red wall overlooking the sea is the best of the areas, with steep routes on good holds. However, this wall does seep. Oxwich In The Woods dries much quicker and is very sheltered, but can be greasy and full of midges in hot weather. The routes Red With Rage and Kissing The Pink are compulsory classics.


Follow the A4118 past Nicholaston to an obvious left turn signposted to the Oxwich Bay Hotel by the castellated gatehouse. Follow the minor road down to the Oxwich Bay complex and park on the beach (a pay booth is normally open). If the tide is out, it is easy to walk along the west flank of the beach for 300m until the obvious red wall at the start of the quarry (not visibl from the parking area) comes into view (GR506859). If the tide is up, walk over to the Oxwich Bay Hotel and follow the small road south to a chapel. It is possible to scramble down and hop over boulders to reach the start of the main crag. However, be warned that the boulders are very greasy and accidents are common. Also the descent down at the end may mean swimming at high tide.


For Oxwich Point, walk off in either direction. The sports routes at Oxwich Quarry all have lower offs. Only one of the traditional routes in the quarry has no lower off, but it is possible to reach one with a little cunning.

Oxwich Bay Quarry South

Oxwich South is another quarried area about 10 minutes walk south from the end of the main crag. The easiest approach is to walk in along the beach past the main walls, then continue passing a tower on the right, to reach a quarried spur which blocks the way. Walk up under the spur into the woods to reach the wall in a few minutes. The way back out, is to walk round the right hand side of the crag to reach an obvious path, which leads up right to come back out at the Oxwich Bay Hotel. This path can be used to access the crag at high tides for future visits.

The crag itself is sheltered and of good quality quarried limestone. The main wall is about 100m wide and about halfway along is a cave at the base of the crag, with a project coming out of it. The first route is located on a short tower separated from the main crag by a gully.

Routes described from left to right as approached from the beach. Routes regeared 2010.

  1. Load Of Bullocks Fr 6a+
    Climb the right hand face of the tower with more difficulty than first appearances suggest.7m.

  2. Underneath The Larches Fr 6b+
    Gain the left hand arête of the main wall via the thin crack below.15m.

  3. Life’s Too Short Fr 6c*
    Climb the centre of the wall to the right via some long reaches.15m.

  4. Snatched From The Cradle Fr6b+
    Climb the wall just left of the prominent groove. At the top, rock out left a little to the BB. Holds in the next route reduce the grade considerably.15m.

  5. Cradle Snatcher Fr 6a+
    Gain the prominent groove via a thuggy start over the initial overlap.15m.

  6. Baby Going Boing Boing Fr6b+
    Overcome the bulge to the right,teeter up the vague groove to a thuggish finish, BB out to the right.15m

  7. Laughing Boy Fr7b
    Climb the bulging wall to the right to gain the BB of the last route.15m.

  8. Baby Bouncer Fr6c+
    The wall 5m to the right.15m.

  9. Teenage Kicks Fr6c+ **
    The vague hanging arête to the right.15m.

    A few metres to the right is a small cave at ground level. Just left of this is a broken groove

  10. My Inheritance - Fr. 6b+ *
    Pull into the base of the groove, step left and climb the wall direct.15m.

  11. Ox-Over Moon - Fr. 6a **
    Climb the groove, moving slightly right to finish.15m.

  12. Open Wide-Project - Fr. 7?
    Old 8mm (probably Adrian's) and a row of holes lead over the roof.Treat yourself!!13.57m.

  13. Dynamo Kiev - Fr. 7b+
    Start the wall to the right with a flying leap!15m.

    Topo oxwich in the woods-routes open wide - toxicology.jpg

  14. Grated Expectations - Fr. 7a*
    Start the wall to the right with another flying leap!15m.

  15. Taj's Route - Fr. 6c *
    Start just right of a groove and make an awkward move up to gain a a narrow right-facing groove.15m.

  16. Suppose I Try - Fr. 6a
    Climb the prominent shallow groove to the right.15m.

  17. Anal Gesia - Fr. 6b
    Make awkward moves up the wall right of the shallow groove to eventually gain an overlap. Finish directly over this to gain the BB of the previous routes.15m.

  18. Nicked - Fr. 6a+ *
    The wall right again.15m.

  19. Toxicology - Fr. 6c+ *
    The wall right again.15m.

  20. Hubble, Rubble - Fr. 6b*
    The groove to the right.15m

    Hubble, Rubble to Devil's Brew

  21. Soil And Shovel - Fr. 6a *
    Climb the wall behind the tree.15m.

  22. Anoek Clear Missile - Fr. 6b
    Climb the awkward wall to the right of the tree, with no deviation.15m

  23. Dirt Box - Fr. 6b *
    The thin crack to the right passing 2PRs.15m.

  24. Cradle of Filth - VS,4b *
    The prominent jam crack to the right.15m.

  25. Filthy Snatch - Fr. 6b **
    Climb the centre of the wall to the right of the crack. Delicate and complex.15m.

  26. Cauldron of Satyr - Fr. 6b *
    Climb the crack on the right side of the wall.15m.

  27. Devil’s Brew - Fr. 6a+ *
    Climb the seam bounding the right side of the wall.15m.

R.Thomas 16.07.2005

Oxwich Bay Quarry (Crag Ox)

The routes are described from right to left (i.e. as approached).

  1. Steel Yourself - Fr.6a+ *
    At the right side of the red wall is an undercut wall, with a vague arête bounding its right side. Crank up onto the wall from the right and climb up keeping left of the arête, to a finishing groove. A direct start is possible at Fr.6c+. 13m.

  2. Settin’ Stone - Fr.7b
    A hard move over the roof left of Steel Yourself, leads to a shallow groove. At the roof, pull left to a flake, then swing out onto the wall above the roof. A strange hold leads to the belay. 13m.

  3. Glue Year - Fr.7a **
    Start left of Settin’ Stone beneath a large block at 2m. Pull round this and climb the groove to reach a hard finish. The large block has now fallen down and the start is much harder. 15m.

  4. Inspector Glueseau - Fr.6c+*
    A good route to the left of Glue Year, following the groove in the angle of the wall. Start just left of Glue Year and climb up to a ledge. Follow a right-trending ramp, then pull out left to the BB. 15m.

  5. Foaming At The Gussett - Fr.7a+
    The wall left of Inspector Glueseau, tricky at top.15m.

  6. Pissin’ The Sink - Fr.7b+
    The short wall between Foaming At The Gussett and Kissin’ The Pink has a desperate sloping finish. 15m.

  7. Kissin’ The Pink - Fr.6c ***
    A superb route up the flowstone forming the right arête of the prominent groove. 20m.

  8. Missin’ The Drink - Fr.7a+
    Rubbish and ooh yes it will hurt your finger. A short wall left of Kissin’ The Pink leads to a ledge, then a long move up on filthy rock gains the groove and lower off of Kissin’ The Pink. 20m.

    To the left is a prominent prow high up on the crag. Left of this, above a rock step at the base of the crag are two routes.

  9. The Morgue The Merrier - Fr.7c **
    This is the right-hand line, which sports two difficult moves. 25m.
    Gareth Tucker on Bitchin'. Photo by Oli Buxton.

  10. Bitchin’- Fr.7c ***
    The wall to the left of The Morgue The Merrier, has a desperate finale. 25m. G.Gibson 26.08.1997

    There were two bolted projects to the left. The left hand one is open but both apparentley have been done on the crap gear already in-situ.

  11. Red Snapper - Fr.7b+ **
    About 10m left of the prow of Bitchin is an undercut section of the wall (three lines of bolts to the left). Climb this with a powerful move low down. Low in the grade. 20m. G.Gibson 19.07.1999

    The wall to the left has a solitary bolt but no route yet. To the left a path leads up into the woods.

  12. Written In Red - Fr.7b*
    The wall immediately above the start of the path, with a very tricky move at half-height. From a large hold move up and right onto a huge flake and a very blind finish. 20m. G.Gibson 06.07.1997

  13. Red Letter Day - Fr.7b+
    As for Written In Red to the hard move, but instead of moving slightly right, continue straight up the arête above. 20m. G.Gibson 19.07.1999

  14. Red With Rage - Fr.7a+ ***
    Superb. Start just above the step in the path at the left-hand side of the tidal platform. Amble up to a BR, then climb the fingery wall on good flakes to a horizontal slot out on the left. Make a long rockover to a big sloper well up and right. Pull up more easily, and finish up the left-trending groove. 22m. G.Gibson, R.Thomas 01.07.1995

  15. Mars Attacks - Fr.7a+ *
    The wall left of Red With Rage. Instead of mantling directly up to the belay, climb the little arête on the left and move back right to finish. 22m. G.Gibson 19.07.1997

16. The Milkier Way 15m E6,6c Fr7c

The vague scoop to the left of Mars Attacks, with some fingery climbing and a monstrous lurch at half-height. G.Gibson 26.08.1997

17. Red River Rock 15m E5,6b Fr7b **

The superb red wall to the left of The Milkier Way, moving left at the fourth BR to gain a flake and the belay of Two Of A Perfect Pair. G.Gibson 16.08.1997


18. Two Of A Perfect Pair 15m E6,6b Fr7b+

Left of Red River Rock is a prominent left facing shallow groove with a rather obvious stuck-back-on hold. Gain this with interest! Move easily up the groove, until a hard undercut and stretch right gains jugs and a BB. E.Travers-Jones 29.07.1996

19. Resin D’Etre 12m E5,6b Fr7a+ *

To the left of Two Of A Perfect Pair is an obvious circular hole at 3m. Climb up to this, and over the overlap to gain and finish up a groove. R.Thomas 00.00.1995

20. Beyond All Resin 12m E3,6a *

A route with a hard start, which eases thereafter. Start at a couple of pockets under an arête and pull up and onto the arête. BR. Finish up the jam crack. Medium Friends useful. R.Thomas, G.Gibson 28.05.1995

21. Little Cracker 14m HVS,5a

Follow the obvious banana-shaped crack to the same lower off as Beyond All Resin. Friends and threads useful. R.Thomas 00.00.1995

22. Sika This 12m E3,6b Fr7a

A route with a very frustrating start. Gain the good ledge at 2m left of Little Cracker, at a faint arête. Slap up a long, long way for thin edges, pull up and finish up the still tricky groove. R.Thomas 00.00.1995

23. Sniff That 10m E3,6a Fr6c

A good route up the groove to the left of I’m Sika This. R.Thomas 00.00.1995

The thin wall to the right is an open project. Send the cheque to Roy Thomas.

24. Red October 11m E4,6a Fr7a

The wall to the left again. R.Thomas 00.10.1995

25. Blight In August 8m E3,5c

The crack to the left of Red October is usually cheesy, TR. R.Thomas 00.08.1995

The next 50m is covered in ivy and the trees are too close to the crag to allow routes. The next routes start well along the path at a ‘tump’ marking the right end of the first proper bay in the woods. It contains a very obvious layback flake (Extra Ordinary LIttle Cough).

26. Tump Jumper 8m E3,6b Fr7a *

Not quite the one move wonder it looks. Jump from the tump onto the wall and climb the wall above. R.Thomas, G.Gibson 01.07.1995

Note that following a landslide in December 2009 the routes from Red Leicester to Sweet September inclusive are now gone. For those still wanting a tick the crux of Big Cheese can be climbed as a traverse on the northernmost boulder on the beach. The routes are recorded below for historic purposes only. The remaining rock looks impressive but could do with some more weathering and cleaning before yielding any new routes.

27. Sweet September 8m E4,6a Fr7a * The red wall right of the prominent layback flake in the bay. The start is a teaser. R.Thomas 00.00.1995

28. Extra Ordinary Little Cough/Nike 10m E1,5a * The well defined overhanging layback flake. R.Thomas, G.Gibson 29.05.1995

29. Ambrosia Mountain 12m E6,6b Fr7b+ Fundamentally unpleasant. The corner groove left of Extra Ordinary Little Cough is climbed on vicious lay offs to a hard move onto a ledge. Fight up the corner to the last BR before the BB, realise that the chain is completely out of reach and fall off. G.Gibson 29.05.1995

30. Sansarête 12m E7,6c 8a * The arête bounding the left side of the bay. Its left-hand side has an awkward start and some technical moves through an overlap. Continue with difficulty to catch the shallow depression up and slightly right of the double bolts before clipping the BB to finish. A.Berry 00.00.1996

31. Plum Duff 12m E5,6b Fr7b * About 20m left of Sansarête is another square-cut arête. Start on the left, but immediately swing round to climb its right side. G.Gibson 28.05.1995

To the right of the arête of Plum Duff is a leaning red wall.

32. Inferno 20m E7,6c Fr8a+ * The centre of the wall has a hard boulder problem at the top. A.Berry 31.05.1999

The crag now turns through a right angle.

33. Epoxy Clips Now 25m E4,6a Fr7a A mediocre route up the angle of the bay. G.Gibson, R.Thomas 28.05.1995

34. Root Grabbing 25m E4,5b The cracks to the left of Expoxy Clips Now. A.Berry, P.Nicholas 00.00.1994

35. For Sportsmen Of The Epoxy Clips 25m E3,6a Fr6c+ *** A classic. Start up the arête above the rock step. Climb this with difficulty, until it is possible to ‘throw one and hold it’. Pull onto the slab and amble up to the top wall, which is climbed on good holds to a BB. Well protected. R.Thomas, G.Gibson 28.05.1995

The quarry now drops down at a prominent rock step.

36. The Route Of All Evil 25m E8,7a Fr8b+ *  The hardest route in the guidebook. The undercut groove in the centre of the wall running left from the rock step. A.Berry 10.07.1999

The hanging face to the left of The Route Of All Evil is currently a project.

37. Big Cheese 20m E5,6a Fr7a ** To the left is a prominent flake high up. Gain this by some tricky moves, then follow the strenuous flake crack more easily to a final superb move up to the belay from a handjam. R.Thomas 00.00.1997

38. Whey It Up 20m E6,6c Fr7c A lot harder than it looks with a typically desperate Oxwich belay clip. Start in a faint groove in the wall to the left of Big Cheese. Climb the groove easily to what looks like a huge hold, which actually slopes at 40 degrees. Flail desperately about, until able to put the clip into the BB. G.Gibson 21.04.1995

39. Say Cheese Please 20m E5,6b Fr7a+ * A good route, with a hard one move crux. Just left of Whey It Up is an arête bounding a big red groove. Climb the arête direct. G.Gibson, R.Thomas 28.08.1995

40. Red Leicester 20m E2,5b Fr6a The big red groove. R.Thomas, G.Gibson 21.04.1995

The routes now start again, and can still be reached by crossing the mordor-like landscape where the crag used to be.

The big arête and the flake to the left are currently projects.

41. Resination 15m E4,6a Fr7a

The groove/wall just right of the big angled corner of Resin Hate. Better than it looks. G.Gibson 20.07.1997

42. Resin Hate 15m E2,5b

The big angled corner. BB. R.Thomas 00.00.1995

43. The Oxwich Blobby 15m E6,6b Fr7b+

The wall to the left of Resin Hate is often greasy. G.Gibson 19.07.1997

44. The Oxwich Bobby 15m E4,6a Fr7a

The cheesy wall left of The Oxwich Blobby and right of a pillar formed by jam cracks. G.Gibson 09.10.1995

45. No Resin, Why? 15m Fr 6b+

An interesting route. Grapple up the pillar, which is hard, to an easier jam crack that is also hard. BB. R. Thomas 09.10.1994

The crag now turns another corner.

46. Picking Berries 12m E4,6a Fr7a

Climb the cheesy groove just round the corner. R. Thomas, G.Gibson 01.07.1995

47. Figura 12m E5,6b Fr7b

The arête left of Picking Berries. G.Gibson 00.00.1999

48. Stoned Dates 12m E4,6a Fr6c+

Left of the left arête of Picking Berries is a shelf at 2m. Awkwardly gain this, and climb the tufa pockets above. R.Thomas 16.08.1998

The next routes are on the shorter buttress to the left.

49. Squeezing The Pips 6m VS,4c

The traditional crack left of the platform. BB. R.Thomas 00.00.1997

50. Treading The Grapes 6m E2,5c Fr6b

A good technical problem up the wall to the left of Squeezing The Pips. R.Thomas 00.00.1997

51. Pipsqueak 6m E2,6a Fr6b+

Left of Treading The Grapes is a vague crack and ramp leading to undercuts and a BB. R.Thomas 00.00.1998

52. Teasing The Zits 6m E2,6a Fr6c

The slabby wall to a finishing crack left of Pipsqueak. R.Thomas 00.00.1998

A little further on is the last buttress of any significance, The Secret Oxwich.

53. Jury’s Out 10m E4,6b Fr7a *

The first feature on the buttress is a thin crack. Climb this, then make a tricky sequence into a groove out left. Hard moves on undercuts lead to a BB. R.Thomas 00.00.1996

The wall to the left of Jury’s Out, with a prominent boss of rock is a project.

54. Before The Beak 10m E5,6b Fr7a+ *

The sharp arête in the centre of the buttress. R.Thomas 00.00.1997

55. Swift Justice 8m HVS,5a

The traditionally protected groove to the left of Before The Beak, BB. R.Thomas 00.00.1996

56. Open Verdict 10m E2,6a Fr6b

The square cut groove/arête to the left of Swift Justice. R.Thomas 00.00.1996

57. The Last Arête 6m E2,6b Fr6c

The short arête on the left side of the buttress, with a huge jump, BR. At the top swing to the BB of Open Verdict. A.Berry 00.00.1996

The wall to the left of Jury’s Out, with a prominent boss of rock is a project.


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