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Morfa Bychan and Pendine

Telpyn Point - Amroth

Cwm Capel - Burry Port

Llanstephan-Craig Ddu

A Short Historical by Roy Thomas.

Amroth was first visited in the early 90's by Eugene Jones, Taj Dhallu and Reg on the strength of info received by "Irish Tony" (Tony Burke). Eugene passed on the Torch to me with stories of Ogmore like fright/delights (Tremors Zawn) and possible sporty sections (Fisherman's & Mollusc Walls) but it was a hard place to find. Finally Nick O'Neill, (over a decade later), took me by the hand for a viewing. He had already climbed the chimney when he was at Carmarthen College and there were a few rusty peg stumps on the Mollusc Wall. Wanting to proceed with more than a snail's pace it was time to introduce Gary Gibson to this delightful spot and within 18 months we have what we have.

Nick passed on more local knowledge and I tracked down Morfa Bychan. Once again Gary Gibson was only too happy to pitch in and we soon developed over a dozen routes on the excellent limestone quarried headland. A super little bay, easy to approach and sometimes, (if the local aren't having a beach side rave), a good cheap wild camp site within stumbling distance of The Green Bridge Pub.

Both venues may be further in miles from Bridgend than Gower but on a good day the travel time could be culled to 50 mins so if you were Swansea or Carmarthen based they would be on your doorstep.

In the final days of 2014 Goi Ashmore and Seb spent a glorious winter's day exploring the river estuary and beaches around Llanstephan and discovered several bouldering spots including Craig Ddu within sight of the walls of Laugharne Castle, The Boathouse and most importantly the public bar of the Browns Hotel. A poetic finale to 2014.

Post script - Dai Emanuel, whilst working out west, discovered the sandstone quarry of Cwm Capel near Burry Port in May 2016.

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