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6 April 2017

Installed extension EmBedVideo 2.6.0

Video from many popular services will work; e.g. youtube, vimeo, etc..

Tim Hoddy (talk) 14:36, 6 April 2017 (BST)

29 September 2016

Upgraded to:

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 12:42, 29 September 2016 (BST)

30 August 2016

Enabled ParserFunctions 1.6.0

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 21:29, 30 August 2016 (BST)

23 August 2016

Upgraded to Mediawiki 1.26.4

Changes since 1.26.3

  • BREAKING CHANGE: $wgHTTPProxy is now *required* for all external requests made by MediaWiki via a proxy. Relying on the http_proxy environmentvariable is no longer supported.
  • (T124163) Fixed fatal error in DifferenceEngine under HHVM.
  • (T139565) SECURITY: API: Generate head items in the context of the given title
  • (T137264) SECURITY: XSS in unclosed internal links
  • (T133147) SECURITY: Escape '<' and ']]>' in inline <style> blocks
  • (T133147) SECURITY: Require login to preview user CSS pages
  • (T132926) SECURITY: Do not allow undeleting a revision deleted file if it is the top file
  • (T129738) SECURITY: Make $wgBlockDisablesLogin also restrict logged in permissions
  • (T129738) SECURITY: Make blocks log users out if $wgBlockDisablesLogin is true
  • (T115333) SECURITY: Check read permission when loading page content in ApiParse
  • Remove support for $wgWellFormedXml = false, all output is now well formed

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 17:01, 23 August 2016 (BST)

31 July 2016

Upgraded to:

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 12:10, 31 July 2016 (BST)

21 July 2016

Upgraded to Mediawiki 1.26.3

and upgraded to the following extensions:

The Following extensions were added:

The following extension was disabled:

  • Collection 1.7.0 because it requires extensive reconfiguration in order to work. I hope to complete this work soon

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 18:49, 21 July 2016 (BST)

21 July 2016

Upgraded to Scientific Linux 7 and moved VM to more powerful hardware.

Thanks to Steve Hill for his help with this.

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 18:36, 21 July 2016 (BST)

19 August 2015

Collection is now configured to allow up to 10 articles to be included in a booklet.

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 22:22, 19 August 2015 (BST)

31 March 2015

Re-enabled and upgraded Collection extension to version 1.6.1.

Currently configured to use a public render server.

We have limited the number of articles to be included in a booklet to 3.

This is currently being tested and watched closely and it may be withdrawn at short notice.

Feedback welcome. Send email to

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 16:58, 6 April 2015 (BST)

26 June 2014

Upgraded to MediaWiki 1.21.11

This is a security and maintenance release of the MediaWiki 1.21 branch.

  • (bug 65839) SECURITY: Prevent external resources in SVG files.
  • (bug 66428) MimeMagic: Don't seek before BOF. This has weird side effects like only extracting the tail of the file partially or not at all.

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 10:34, 26 June 2014 (BST)

04 June 2014

Upgraded to Mediawiki 1.21.10

This is a security and maintenance release of the MediaWiki 1.21 branch.

  • (bug 65501) SECURITY: Don't parse usernames as wikitext on Special:PasswordReset.
  • (bug 36356) Add space between two feed links.

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 14:49, 4 June 2014 (BST)

03 May 2014

Upgraded to Mediawiki 1.21.9

This is a security and maintenance release of the MediaWiki 1.21 branch.

  • (bug 63251) SECURITY: Escape sortKey in pageInfo.
  • (bug 58640) Fixed a compatibility issue with PCRE 8.34 that caused pages to appear blank or with missing text.

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 15:38, 3 May 2014 (BST)

28 March 2014

Disabled CommentSpammer extension. No evidence that it is actually working.

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 09:35, 28 March 2014 (GMT)

28 March 2014

Upgraded to MediaWiki 1.21.8

This is a security and maintenance release of the MediaWiki 1.21 branch.

  • (bug 62497) SECURITY: Add CSRF token on Special:ChangePassword.
  • (bug 62467) Set a title for the context during import on the cli.

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 08:50, 28 March 2014 (GMT)

12 March 2014

Upgraded to Mediawiki 1.21.7

This is a maintenance release of the MediaWiki 1.21 branch.

  • Use the correct branch of the extensions' git repositories.

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 09:32, 12 March 2014 (GMT)

28 February 2014

Upgraded to Mediawiki 1.21.6

This is a security release of the MediaWiki 1.21 branch.

  • (bug 60771) SECURITY: Disallow uploading SVG files using non-whitelisted namespaces. Also disallow iframe elements. User will get an error including the namespace name if they use a non- whitelisted namespace.
  • (bug 61346) SECURITY: Make token comparison use constant time. It seems like our token comparison would be vulnerable to timing attacks. This will take constant time.
  • (bug 61362) SECURITY: API: Don't find links in the middle of api.php links.

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 12:36, 28 February 2014 (GMT)

08 February 2014

Upgraded to SemanticBundle 20140103

This bundle upgrades, amongst other things:

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 12:03, 8 February 2014 (GMT)

31 January 2014

Upgraded to Mediawiki 1.21.5

This is a security and maintenance release of the MediaWiki 1.21 branch.

  • (bug 60339) SECURITY: Sanitize shell arguments to DjVu files, and other media formats
  • (bug 57550) SECURITY: Disallow stylesheets in SVG Uploads
  • (bug 58088) SECURITY: Don't normalize U+FF3C to \ in CSS Checks
  • (bug 58472) SECURITY: Disallow -o-link in styles
  • (bug 58553) SECURITY: Return error on invalid XML for SVG Uploads
  • (bug 58699) SECURITY: Fix RevDel log entry information leaks

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 13:31, 31 January 2014 (GMT)

08 December 2013

Enabled the WikiEditor extension.

Users may still disable the use of this editor in their preferences.

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 15:56, 8 December 2013 (GMT)

14 November 2013

Upgraded to Mediawiki 1.21.3

This is a security and maintenance release of the MediaWiki 1.21 branch.

  • (bug 60339) SECURITY: Sanitize shell arguments to DjVu files, and other media formats
  • (bug 57550) SECURITY: Disallow stylesheets in SVG Uploads
  • (bug 58088) SECURITY: Don't normalize U+FF3C to \ in CSS Checks
  • (bug 58472) SECURITY: Disallow -o-link in styles
  • (bug 58553) SECURITY: Return error on invalid XML for SVG Uploads
  • (bug 58699) SECURITY: Fix RevDel log entry information leaks

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 13:31, 31 January 2014 (GMT)

Changes since 1.21.2

  • (bug 53032) SECURITY: Don't cache when a call could autocreate
  • (bug 55332) SECURITY: Improve css javascript detection
  • (bug 49717) Fix behaviour $wgVerifyMimeType = false; in Upload
  • Fix comma errors in various js files
  • Translations

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 22:34, 14 November 2013 (GMT)

4 November 2013

Investigating Maps extension apparent failure to use Google Maps API v3.

Currently this means that we are unable to use and have Google Maps available to us.

Google are not issuing/updating v2 API keys and a new v3 API key doesn't seem to work - complaining that we are using an invalid key with v2 of the API

Watch this space.

3 September 2013

Upgraded to MediaWiki 1.21.2

This release fixes 3 security related bugs.

Full Release Notes for MediaWiki 1.21.2

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 23:57, 3 September 2013 (BST)

30 August 2013

Added mod_rewrite rules to Apache's config. to make URLs to pages in the wiki a little more intuitive

URIs of the form, e.g. now work.

Old style URIs still work.

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 11:13, 30 August 2013 (BST)

11 Aug 2013

Upgraded FramedVideo to version 1.1.2.

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 17:27, 11 August 2013 (BST)

11 Aug 2013

Upgraded AntisSpoof extension to latest snapshot.

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 17:21, 11 August 2013 (BST)

11 Aug 2013

set $wgResponsiveImages = false; as this seemed to be causing 'convert' to build larger thumbnails and the VM couldn't cope.

I blame people with posh displays! ;-)

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 15:46, 11 August 2013 (BST)

11 Aug 2013

Upgraded to latest CommentSpammer

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 13:02, 11 August 2013 (BST)

11 Aug 2013

Upgraded to Mediawiki 1.21.1

See Release Notes

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 13:02, 11 August 2013 (BST)

26 May 2013

Installed the WikiForum extension, version 1.2.2-SW.

Anonymous posting is disabled with, '$wgWikiForumAllowAnonymous = false;'

You can find the forum here: Forum

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 15:13, 26 May 2013 (BST)

21 May 2013

Upgraded to Mediawiki 1.20.6

This is a security and maintenance release of the Mediawiki 1.20 branch.

Changes since 1.20.5

  • (bug 48306) SECURITY: Run file validation checks on chunked uploads, and chunks of upload, during the upload process.
  • (bug 44327) mediawiki.user: Use session ID instead of 1-year cross-session cookies
  • (bug 47202) wikibits: FF2Fixes.css should not be loaded in Firefox 20.
  • (bug 31044) Make ResourceLoader behave in read-only mode

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 22:50, 21 May 2013 (BST)

20 May 2013

Removed Facebook Like Button extension owing to secruity concerns.

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 02:28, 20 May 2013 (BST)

30 April 2013

Upgraded to Mediawiki 1.20.5

This is a security and maintenance release of the MediaWiki 1.20 branch.

Changes since 1.20.4

  • (bug 46590) Add hook AbortChangePassword to Special:ChangePassword
  • (bug 47304) SECURITY: Check SVG xml encoding against whitelist
  • Localisation updates from
  • mwdocgen.php: Implement --version option.
  • Remove svnstat stuff used in Doxygen generation
  • (bug 43594) Correctly supress warnings that were missed after the upstream PHP change to E_STRICT being included in E_ALL.
  • jshint: Allow global mw to be set in mediawiki.js

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 21:34, 30 April 2013 (BST)

24 April 2013

--Tim Hoddy (talk) 00:15, 24 April 2013 (BST)

27 Nov 2012

Changed the 'Captcha' mechanism used as an authorisation check to questyCaptcha. New users will need to answer a very simple question which, hopefully, will be easy for them to answer but difficult for spammers.

--Tim Hoddy 19:50, 27 November 2012 (GMT)

24 September 2012

Changed all user skins to 'vector'. Users can still change back if they wish.

--Tim Hoddy 15:51, 24 September 2012 (BST)

17 August 2012

Account creation re-enabled for non-users.

--Tim Hoddy 12:49, 17 August 2012 (BST)

25 June 2012

Removed 'Captcha' requirement for User edits. (No point whilst account creation is disabled)

--Tim Hoddy 07:07, 25 June 2012 (BST)

17 June 2012

Account creation temporarily disabled.

Those users with either Sysop or Bureaucrat permissions can create accounts for new users.

--Tim Hoddy 09:48, 17 June 2012 (BST)

22 April 2012

Installed the Facebook Like Button extension.

--Tim Hoddy 13:38, 22 April 2012 (BST)

07 January 2012

Fixed problem with Google's maps under Maps and openlayers

--Tim Hoddy 17:34, 7 January 2012 (GMT)

10 December 2011

Upgraded to Maps 0.7.8

Fixes coordinate normalization issue (bug 29421).

--Tim Hoddy 19:08, 10 December 2011 (GMT)

7 December 2011

Installed RandomImage extension (r62131)

Check RandomImage for usage.

--Tim Hoddy 16:28, 7 December 2011 (GMT)

9 October 2011

Installed User Merge and Delete extension (r66255).

--Tim Hoddy 13:01, 9 October 2011 (BST)

9 October 2011

Re-enabled Collection extension.

--Tim Hoddy 13:01, 9 October 2011 (BST)

24 August 2011

Disabled Collection extension. (See below).

Looks promising but we're not ready for it just yet.

--Tim Hoddy 13:56, 24 August 2011 (BST)

23 August 2011

Installed Collection extension (r66255).

Note this is currently in testing and may be removed at any time.

--Tim Hoddy 16:47, 23 August 2011 (BST)

22 June 2011

Upgraded to Maps 0.7.7

Maps 0.7.7


  • Fixed minor initialization issue with the OpenLayers code.
  • Fixed bug in OpenLayers layer dependency loading code.
  • Fixed DMS coordinate parsing issue (bug 29419).
  • Removed dead code (initial code to support the RL, now used in SM 1.0 and later).
  • Use of Google Maps geocoding service v3 instead of v2.

--Tim Hoddy 09:40, 22 June 2011 (BST)

22 May 2011

Installed the AntiSpoof extension (r62131). Prevents confusable usernames from being created.

--Tim Hoddy 13:28, 23 May 2011 (BST)

21 May 2011

Installed the Poem extension (r66255). Allows users to format poems.

--Tim Hoddy 20:38, 21 May 2011 (BST)

21 May 2011

Removed the Maintenance extension (r62678) as it does weird things to the sidebar! :-(

--Tim Hoddy 12:46, 21 May 2011 (BST)

21 May 2011

Installed the Maintenance extension (r62678) giving the SysOp user (i.e. only me at the moment) to run various scripts

--Tim Hoddy 12:29, 21 May 2011 (BST)

21 May 2011

Installed the Nuke extension (r66255) giving us the ability to mass-delete pages should a spammer or other miscreant vandalise our wiki.

--Tim Hoddy 09:08, 21 May 2011 (BST)

17 May 2011

Increased the value of upload_max_filesize in php.ini from '2' to '5'.

Maximum media file upload size is now 5Mb.

--Tim Hoddy 10:23, 17 May 2011 (BST)

11 May 2011

Added Template:Googlemap .

This allows us to place all of our geo records in one place.

If you wish to add more locations, do so by editing the template.

--Tim Hoddy 12:41, 11 May 2011 (BST)

5 May 2011

Upgraded to Mediawiki 1.16.5

This is a security release of the MediaWiki 1.16 branch.

Two security issues were discovered.

For more details, see


--Tim Hoddy 09:38, 5 May 2011 (BST)

1 May 2011

Re-enabled the FramedVideo extension.

See Video test

--Tim Hoddy 09:45, 2 May 2011 (BST)

27 April 2011

Anonymous edits are now working again.

--Tim Hoddy 11:12, 27 April 2011 (BST)

21 April 2011

Upgraded to TreeAndMenu r66255 as the previous version failed o with the version of PHP on the new server.

--Tim Hoddy 17:36, 21 April 2011 (BST)

21 April 2011

The Google maps aren't currently working. This may be an transient thing or it may require an extension upgrade.

I'm of the opinion that we should switch to the Maps extension as this allows us to use OpenStreetMap, Yahoo, Bing Maps and Google and, unlike the current extension, is being actively developed.

--Tim Hoddy 16:23, 21 April 2011 (BST)

21 April 2011

Upgraded ConfirmEdit extension to r62678 as the old version doesn't seem to get on with the version of PHP on this server and was not allowing User edits.

The upgrade now allows User Edits but, as yet, does not allow anonymous edits. Will fix as soon as I get time.

--Tim Hoddy 16:18, 21 April 2011 (BST)

21 April 2011

Migrated to a new server at approx. 12:46

New server provided to the SWMC by Steve Hill

--Tim Hoddy 16:18, 21 April 2011 (BST)

20 April 2011

Upgraded to Maps

13 April 2011

Upgraded to Mediawiki 1.16.4

This is a security and maintenance release of the MediaWiki 1.16 branch.

The attempt to fix the bug (28235) in 1.16.3 were unsuccessful. This release is a further attempt to fix that bug.

12 April 2011

Upgraded to Mediawiki 1.16.3.

This is a security and maintenance release of the MediaWiki 1.16 branch.

  • (bug 28449) Fixed permissions checks in Special:Import which allowed users without the 'import' permission to import pages from the configured import sources.
  • (bug 28235) Fixed XSS affecting IE 6 and earlier clients only, due to those browsers looking for a file extension in the query string of the URL, and ignoring the Content-Type header if one is found.
  • (bug 28450) Fixed a CSS validation issue involving escaped comments, which led to XSS for Internet Explorer clients and privacy loss for other clients.

2 February 2011

Upgraded to MediaWiki 1.16.2, which is a security release. Two security issues were discovered.

An arbitrary script inclusion vulnerability was discovered. The vulnerability only allows execution of files with names ending in ".php" which are already present in the local filesystem. Only servers running Microsoft Windows and possibly Novell Netware are affected. Despite these mitigating factors, all users are advised to upgrade, since there is a risk of complete server compromise. MediaWiki 1.8.0 and later is affected. For more details, see bug 27094:

Security researcher mghack discovered a CSS injection vulnerability. For Internet Explorer and similar browsers, this is equivalent to an XSS vulnerability, that is to say, it allows the compromise of wiki user accounts. For other browsers, it allows private data such as IP addresses and browsing patterns to be sent to a malicious external web server. It affects all versions of MediaWiki. All users are advised to upgrade. For more information, see bug 27093:

This vulnerability was originally reported to the Mozilla Security Group and has been assigned CVE-2011-0047.

Full release notes:

4 January 2011

Upgraded to Mediawiki 1.6.1 which is a security and maintenance release.

"Wikipedia user PleaseStand pointed out that MediaWiki has no protection against "clickjacking". With user or site JavaScript or CSS enabled, clickjacking can lead to cross-site scripting (XSS), and thus full compromise of the wiki account of any user who visits a malicious external site. Clickjacking affects all previous versions of MediaWiki."
"Our fix involves denying framing on all pages except normal page views and a few selected special pages. To be protected, all users need to use a browser which supports X-Frame-Options. For information about supported browsers, see:
For more information about this vulnerability and the related patch, see:"

Other changes in MediaWiki 1.16.1:

  • (bug 24981) Allow extensions to access SpecialUpload variables again
  • (bug 24724) list=allusers was out by 1 (shows total users - 1)
  • (bug 24166) Fixed API error when using rvprop=tags
  • For wikis using French as a content language, Special:Téléchargement works again as an alias for Special:Upload.
  • (bug 25167) Correctly load JS fixes for IE6 (fixing a regression in 1.16.0)
  • (bug 25248) Fixed paraminfo errors in certain API modules.
  • The installer now has improved handling for situations where safe_mode is active or exec() and similar functions are disabled.
  • (bug 19593) Specifying --server in now works for all maintenance scripts.
  • Fixed $wgLicenseTerms register globals.

Full release notes:

31 October 2010

Downgraded to Maps 0.6.6

Maps now seems to work again!

--Tim Hoddy 21:44, 31 October 2010 (GMT)

21 October 2010

Maps has stopped working.

It must have stopped working between the the last two upgrades.

Must be something they've done on the server, 'cos nothing I've done could have affected it. --Tim Hoddy 19:39, 21 October 2010 (BST)

They look Ok now.--Alan rosier 22:41, 21 October 2010 (BST)

We have two maps extensions; the powerful one, which we haven't used much, is the one that has stopped working. A while back I made a test page called Maps test. Geocoding works but the maps won't show!  :-(

16 October 2010

Upgraded Maps to version 0.7

New features

  • Tag support for these parser hooks (which previously only had parser function support):
    • Coordinates
    • Distance
    • Finddestination
    • Geocode
    • Geodistance

Bug fixes

  • Fixed compatibility with the MW 1.17 resource loader.
  • Fixed i18n issue with the overlays control for Google Maps v2 maps.
  • Fixed default zoom level for Yahoo! Maps maps.
  • Increased the maximum decimals for DMS coordinates from 2 to 20.

Removed features

  • #geocodelong and #geocodelat parser functions - you can obtain their functionality using #geocode.

Internal improvements

  • Rewrote the geocoding functionality. It's now an integral part of the extension that can not be just pulled out, while the reverse is true for individual geocoders. Geocoder interaction now uses the same model as mapping service interaction.
  • Use of Validator 0.4, allowing for more robust and consistent error reporting.
  • Rewrote the parser hooks to use the ParserHook class provided by Validator.
  • Restructured the directory structure of the extension to better match it's architecture.
  • Use of OpenLayers 2.10 instead of 2.9.

28 August 2010

Upgraded Maps 0.6.6

New features

  • Support for geocoding over proxies.
  • Added $egMapsInternatDirectionLabels settings, allowing users to disable internationalization of direction labels.


  • Added MapsMappingServices, which serves as factory for MapsPappingService objects and does away with all the globals previously needed for this.
  • Removed the http/curl request code from the geocoder classes - now using Http:get() instead.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue that caused pop-up contents to render incorrectly when it contained wiki markup.
  • Fixed coordinate parsing bug (direction labels did not get recognized) that was introduced in 0.6.4.
  • Fixed spacing issues with several parser functions.

Upgraded Usability Initiative to r69578

--Tim Hoddy 14:49, 28 August 2010 (BST)

23 August 2010

Testing: Re-enabled UsablityInitiative Extension and its Modules

Please test and, if it doesn't work for you, please disable in your preferences/editing . i.e. Labs Features and Beta Features

Email me if there are problems please.

Tim Hoddy 08:56, 23 August 2010 (BST)

02 August 2010

Temporarily Disabled UsablityInitiative Extension and its Modules

--Tim Hoddy 22:36, 2 August 2010 (BST)

01 August 2010

Installed UsabilityInitiative Extension r70267

This extension contains a WikiEditor which can be enabled by going into your preferences/editing and enabling at the bottom. There are one or two other interesting options on this page too.

Enable these options in Preferences/editing. Some good stuff.

Currently enabled are the Vector and WikiEditor modules.

I've had to disable the more powerful FCKeditor (below). Can enable later for testing.

Installed FCKeditor - trunk-r70201

This is just for interest and testing. This extension is still a prototype.

Please don't start to rely on it... yet.

When starting to edit a page, check the two new links.

28 July 2010

Upgraded MediaWiki to version 1.16.0

New Features include various bugfixes and:

  • Watchlists now have RSS/Atom feeds. RSS feeds generally are now hidden, since Atom is a better protocol and is supported by virtually all clients.
  • It's now possible to block users from sending email via Special:Emailuser.
  • The maintenance script system was overhauled. Most maintenance scripts now have a useful help page when you run them with --help.
  • AdminSettings.php is no longer required in order to run maintenance scripts. You can just set $wgDBadminuser and $wgDBadminpassword in your LocalSettings.php instead.
  • The preferences system was overhauled. Preferences are stored in a more compact format. Changes to site default preferences will automatically affect all users who have not chosen a different preference.
  • Support for SQLite was improved. Some broken features were fixed, and it now has an efficient full-text search.
  • The user groups ACL system was improved by allowing rights to be revoked, instead of just granted.
  • A new localisation caching system was introduced, which will make MediaWiki faster for almost everyone, especially when lots of extensions are enabled.

--Tim Hoddy 11:10, 28 July 2010 (BST)

Now using a hack 'notitle' extension as 1.16.0 appeared to break the old one.

See: [1]

--Tim Hoddy 11:49, 28 July 2010 (BST)

Todo: Fix permissions Permissions work slightly differently in 1.16.0. Currently users can modify existing pages but cannot protect, create or delete. I'll fix this soon. --Tim Hoddy 12:29, 28 July 2010 (BST).

** STOP PRESS** I was wrong! These functions are carefully hidden in a little dropdown menu alongside the 'View History' tab. --Tim Hoddy 12:36, 28 July 2010 (BST)

Upgraded 'Maps' to version 0.6.5

Some minor bugfixes in this release and the following features and enhancements:

  • Added unit tests for the coordinates parser.
  • Created iMappingFeature interface, from which iMapParserFunctions inherits.
  • Moved map id creation to the mapping service class for all features.
  • Moved marker JavaScript creation for display_points to the mapping service class for all features.
  • Moved default zoom level access method to the mapping service class for all features.
  • Improved the way marker data is turned into JavaScript variables.
  • Improved coordinate recognition regexes.

See Maps Test Page

--Tim Hoddy 20:06, 28 July 2010 (BST)

10 July 2010

Upgraded Maps to version 0.6.4

New features include:

  • New OSM service based on iframe inclusion of toolserver page that renders OpenStreetMap tiles with Wikipedia overlays.
  • Internationalization to the OpenLayers service.
  • Support for including KML files for Google Maps v2.
  • 'searchbar' control for Google Maps v2.

--Tim Hoddy 10:09, 10 July 2010 (UTC)

25 June

Upgraded Maps to version 0.6.3

Changes include:


  • Major refactoring of the mapping service handling, to make the code flow less messy and be able to do mapping service related things in a more consistent fashion.
  • Upgrade to OpenLayers 2.9.1.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed severe bug in the coordinate parsing that removed the degree symbol from passes values, resulting in rendering most of them invalid. Presumably present since 0.6.2.

12 June 2010

Installed Maps 0.6.2

Check out Maps Test Page --Tim Hoddy 16:36, 12 June 2010 (UTC)

3 June 2010

Constructed candidate Contents page - adjusted CSS to increase font size

Changed Gower Contents Page to include New Tree Menu

Installed TreeAndMenu extension - trunk-r67090. See [2]

Removed Maps extension

Wait for them to fix it so that it works properly with OSM

2 June 2010

Upgraded the Maps, Semantic Maps and Validator extensions.

Maps 0.6
Semantic Maps 0.6
Validator 0.3

29 May 2010

Fixed Captcha Mechanism

Captcha extension could not find its images after the upgrade on 28 May and non-editors could not edit 'Discussion' pages.

Thanks for the "Heads-Up" Alan! --Tim Hoddy 16:30, 29 May 2010 (UTC)

28 May 2010

Upgraded to MediaWiki 1.5.4 which is a bugfix and security release.

Two security vulnerabilities were discovered.

Noncompliant CSS parsing behaviour in Internet Explorer allows attackers to construct CSS strings which are treated as safe by previous versions of MediaWiki, but are decoded to unsafe strings by Internet Explorer. Full details can be found at:

A CSRF vulnerability was discovered in our login interface. Although regular logins are protected as of 1.15.3, it was discovered that the account creation and password reset features were not protected from CSRF. This could lead to unauthorised access to private wikis. See for details.

Both releases contain localisation updates courtesy of

--Tim Hoddy 15:12, 28 May 2010 (UTC)

5 May 2010

Removed the two video extensions as nobody seems to want to use them. If someone wishes to upload videos, drop me a line and I'll upgrade the extensions to latest versions.

Removed the SlippyMap extension as that has been superseded by the 'Maps' extension.

Upgraded to mediawiki version 1.15.3