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The problem with most WWW pages is that they are not particularly computer friendly. The information they contain is usually hidden away in text and is difficult for computers to recognise and process in a meaningful way.

Just recently we have started to use the "semantic" facilities of the SWCW. These features allow us to embed semantic data into each page so that the pages become more machine-readable.

The semantic data will allow us to analyse, format and export the wiki's data using queries.

So as an example of the power of semantic searches we decided to use the wiki's semantic data to identify those crags in our area having the greatest elevation.

N.B. Most elevation data here are estimations based on Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) data.

Which crags are the highest?

At a height of 500 metres, the highest crag in our area is Herberts Quarry (Black Mountain).

CragElevation (metres)StyleWGS84AreaSub-Area
Herberts Quarry (Black Mountain)500Trad51.854417, -3.835990Inland Limestone
Dyffryn Crawnon466Trad/Sport51.8260376,-3.3174958Inland Limestone
Trefil462Trad51.825688, -3.311231Inland Limestone
The Lonely Shepherd440Trad51.82264082, -3.1343896Inland LimestoneLlangattock
Llangynidr Quarry440Trad51.8432143, -3.2251105Inland LimestoneLlangattock
Twynau Gwynion Quarries425Trad51.78468, -3.358695Inland Limestone
Clogau Mawr420Trad51.857187, -3.851872Inland Limestone
Baltic Quarry416Trad/Sport51.796196, -3.357142Inland Limestone
Craig Tyle-Cam404Trad51.696601, -3.609588SandstoneSandstone Far Western Valleys
Sheriff Quarry - Maerdy404Sport51.675450, -3.4919472SandstoneSandstone Western Valleys
... further results

The above table may change as we add more crags and adjustments to elevation estimations.

So far we have the following highest elevations:

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